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Best Call Tracking Software

Call tracking software helps agencies to drive more quality leads, centralize communications, make data-driven decisions for campaigns and convert leads to customers. We’ve drawn up a list that covers the best call tracking for agencies.

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  • infinity-call-tracking-software

    Infinity Call Tracking

    Infinity empowers businesses to sell more, streamline operational processes, and optimise marketing budgets. Infinity is a cloud-based call intelligence platform.

  • mediahawk-call-tracking-software


    Pinpoint which marketing activity brings you the most leads with Mediahawk's powerful call analytics software, marketing attribution and reporting.

  • calltracker-call-tracking-software


    CallTracker helps you make better marketing decisions and grow your business with our easy to use call tracking solution. They help marketers make data-driven decisions for campaigns that drive phone calls both online and offline.

  • activedemand-call-tracking-software


    ActiveDEMAND's call tracking software empowers businesses to manage multiple call tracking campaigns from one account.

  • calltrackingmetrics-call-tracking-software


    Gain visibility into what inspires your customers to convert by combining marketing attribution with conversation intelligence tools.

  • ringba-call-tracking-software


    Ringba provides a call tracking system to businesses, pay per call networks, agencies and performance marketers of all sizes.

  • aloware-call-tracking-software


    Their all-in-one, turnkey software gives your business the ability to engage with your customers in ways they'll love: via cell phone, text message, and social messengers.

  • phonewagon-call-tracking-software


    PhoneWagon is a modern business phone system that tracks calls and texts from marketing efforts and allows your entire team to communicate with customers from a shared inbox on any device.

  • whatconverts-call-tracking-software


    WhatConverts makes it easy to attribute sales to traffic sources based on phone calls, web forms and transactions. It offers a full circle lead tracking system where you'll no longer be left wondering where leads originated or what leads converted.

  • convirza-call-tracking-software


    Convirza uses speech recognition technology and sophisticated algorithms to gauge lead quality, measure conversions and take action with fully-baked marketing automation.

  • justcall-call-tracking-software


    JustCall is an anytime, anywhere, any device phone system for your sales and support teams.

  • callrail-call-tracking-software


    The CallRail marketing platform delivers the tools businesses need to market smarter, drive more quality leads, centralize communications, and convert leads to customers.

  • callhippo-call-tracking-software


    CallHippo is the platform that brings communications together with business applications, intelligence, and automation and can be accessed through a mobile, tablet, computer, or laptop.

  • cloudtalk-call-tracking-software


    With CloudTalk, you can deliver exceptional customer support to your clients. Whether you employ several busy agents or handle phone calls rather rarely, CloudTalk will fully adapt to the needs and size of your business.

  • ringdna-sales-automation-tool


    RingDNA transforms your sales team into a high-performing revenue engine. It also offers a complete solution for sales engagement, sales playbook execution, performance insight, conversation intelligence and much more.

  • Dialpad

    Dialpad is a cloud-based business phone system that turns conversations into opportunities and helps global teams make smarter calls anywhere, anytime.

  • dialogtech-marketing-analytics-tool


    DialogTech’s platform solves one of the most pressing challenges in today’s mobile-first world by eliminating the black hole inbound calls create in understanding true marketing performance.

What is Inbound Call Tracking Software for Agencies?

Call tracking software helps agencies track their call flows and record information from inbound calls while grove value for their clients. These tracking software act as marketing channels. While improving the marketing efforts, a call tracking solution helps measure the value of inbound calls and the success of specific marketing campaigns.


Call tracking services are often used as a marketing platform to qualify leads and provide in-depth reports. Agencies can track how many leads are coming through phone calls and also identify which channels are performing well in lead generation. When phone numbers are connected with each marketing channel, call tracking software for lead generation shows which leads are delivered to each channel.


Getting informed about your incoming qualified call data by using call tracking tools help marketers make data-driven decisions and prioritize high-quality leads. A tracking solution also focuses on improving your digital marketing efforts by informing you which keywords are driving calls and leads. The keyword tracking feature lets you find which PPC visitors come to your website with which keywords.


How Does Call Tracking Software Work?


Call tracking software enables marketers to connect consumers with a trackable phone number to collect information. The system often comes with a Javascript code embedded on a website and creates a unique number for each visitor. A call tracking platform also captures UTMs, paid marketing campaigns and other data to understand deeply which marketing strategies perform well in driving phone calls.


Optimizing paid search and boosting up their clients’ marketing campaigns are some of the main reasons why agencies need to use phone call tracking software. Moreover, it customizes call experience, enhances customer journey, reduces CPC and CPA and increases return on ad spend.


Choosing the best call tracking software might be tough but if you understand your needs well, it will not cause a headache as you imagined. Luckily the market offers various types of tracking solutions that serve any unique needs. For example, it is possible to find the best call tracking software for Android or iOS.


Before fully investing in incoming and outgoing call tracking software, it would be better to be mindful of the call tracking software free versions. They can give you insights into which features a call tracking platform offers can meet your needs. On the other hand, if you are more likely to invest in a paid solution, seeking a free trial option can save your time and money.

What are the Benefits of Using Call Tracking Software?


Improves Lead Generation

Lead generation is a key factor in why agencies need call tracking services. The call tracking solution lets you determine the exact source of the call. By doing that, you can find answers to the following questions: where these leads are coming from, whether they are converting into qualified leads or not, how many of them converted and more.


Optimizes Paid Search

Paid search plays a big role in marketing. As it makes up most of your marketing budget, you should get paid. Call tracking tools offer more than well-performed landing pages offer. It supports you in converting leads into sales while identifying the exact keywords that drive leads. Plus, it helps maximize the ROI by identifying marketing metrics.


Provides Advanced Insights

Without getting insights, marketing campaigns won’t make any sense. Not only does call tracking software offers track how your marketing strategies perform but it also identifies important metrics. These could be call ID, geolocation, recorded call data, landing page, UTM parameters, and device type.


Helps Track ROI

Another essential point is tracking the ROI of each campaign. Being able to get a high ROI, businesses have to provide easily accessible customer service. So, a great call tracking solution kicks in at that point by providing missed call tracking features.


Improves Customer Experience

Customers are king. The biggest goal of businesses is to make their customers satisfied and so keep them as a royal. Dedicated customer service is the key factor while improving customer satisfaction. Detailed information of each customer provided by call tracking tools, you can create customized customer experiences.


Makes Data-driven Decisions

Call tracking services allow agencies to produce in-depth reports for each client. The reports gather all kinds of information such as caller ID, call lengths, locations, number of calls and much more. All this information helps make quick and data-driven decisions on your advertising spending.

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