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Zoho CRM is an online cloud-based customer relationship management tool. It enables businesses to handle their processes seamlessly from within a single platform. Improve customer retention with AI-Powered sales analytics and omnichannel communication tools.

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Zoho CRM is an online cloud-based customer relationship management tool. It helps businesses convert more leads into deals, engage with their customers and grow their revenue.

Businesses can carry out all their end-to-end processes from a single repository by bringing Sales, marketing and customer support activities by streamlined processes, policies and managing people all under one platform. Zoho CRM provides advanced customization features that match the requirements of the depth and scale growing businesses are in need of.

Zoho CRM Features

Sales force Automation
Sales Enablement
Sales Forecasting
Sales Prospecting
Sales Analytics

Zoho CRM Reviews

Overall Ratings 2000-5000 Reviews
Software Features & Functionality
Contact management

Most users have appreciated Zoho CRM, as they could create and manage detailed profiles of their customers, leads, and contacts, including their contact information, notes, and communication history.

Sales pipeline management

According to our research, many reviews about Zoho CRM have highlighted the ability to track their sales opportunities through different stages of the sales pipeline, visualizing progress, and forecasting potential deals.

Sales automation

Zoho CRM has been a game-changer for most users' sales team. They have reported that the automation features have saved them so much time, and the customization options allowed them to tailor the platform to our specific needs.

Integrations with Top Marketing Tools
Seamless integrations with marketing platforms

According to users, integrations with various third-party applications like Zoho applications, Google Workspace, and Shopify streamlined workflows and helped connect with other tools they already use.

User friendly interface

While some users have found Zoho CRM requires a learning curve, many commend its intuitive interface and user-friendly design for managing customer relationships.

Scalable pricing options

Some users have appreciated that Zoho CRM is affordable and scalable. They have said that they started with a basic plan and were able to easily upgrade as their business grew.

Competitive per-user cost

Compared to other leading CRM solutions, Zoho CRM has been seen as a highly cost-effective option, especially for smaller businesses or those just starting out with CRM implementation.

Customer Service
Great customer support

Reviews have often highlighted the responsiveness and helpfulness of the Zoho CRM customer support team.

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Zoho CRM Pricing Range

Zoho CRM pricing starts at $14 per month.





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