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Vendasta is the all-in-one platform for companies selling to local businesses. Find digital products to market, sell, bill, and fulfill under your brand with AI-powered tools to help you do it at scale.

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At Vendasta, our core purpose is to drive local economies by democratizing technology for local businesses. We accomplish this by providing a robust AI-powered platform to local experts around the world—our channel partners. Partners use Vendasta’s technology to advertise, market, sell, bill, fulfill, and deliver digital solutions to local businesses. Our end-to-end platform and marketplace are tightly integrated into an operating system delivered to SMBs, providing a single sign-on to their digital products and analytics.

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Vendasta Features

Brandable Client Portal
White-Label Marketplace Software
Reputation Management
Local SEO
Social Media Marketing
Website Builder
Website Hosting
Digital Advertising
Task Manager
Marketing Automation
Billing & Invoicing
Snapshot Report
Project Management
White-Label Client Reporting

Vendasta Reviews

Overall Ratings 200-500 Reviews
Software Features & Functionality
AI powered marketplace

Users have said that Vendasta's marketplace is a game-changer for their agencies. It allows them to offer their clients a wide range of services without having to develop them in-house. This has helped them to grow their business significantly.

Marketing automation

Users have said that Vendasta's marketing automation platform has saved them a ton of time. They are now able to automate many of their marketing tasks, such as email marketing, social media marketing, and lead generation. This has allowed them to focus on other aspects of their business.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Vendasta's CRM platform has helped users to improve their customer service and increase sales. They have reported that it is easy to use and customizable and tracks all of their customer interactions, sales opportunities, and customer support tickets too.

Integrations with Popular Business Software
Easy integrations with other SaaS

Users have generally been positive about Vendasta's integrations. They appreciate the fact that Vendasta can be integrated with their existing software, which makes it easy to streamline their workflow. Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, Shopify, Stripe, PayPal were the most mentioned platforms by the users that Vendasta integrated with.

Clear user interface

Most users have found that Vendasta's user interface was very customizable. They have been able to tailor Vendasta to their specific needs and make it work exactly the way they want it to.

Custom pricing options

Overall, users have found that Vendasta is a bit more expensive than some other digital marketing platforms, but it is worth it for the quality of the products and services that it offers.

Customer Service
Great customer support

Users have generally praised the Vendasta's customer service for being knowledgeable. They said that the support team is very helpful but it would be better especially for onboarding proccess.

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Vendasta Pricing Range

Paid plans range from$99/mo to$1279/mo. Vendasta offers a 14-day free trial.



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