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Runn is a real-time resource management platform with integrated time tracking and forecasting.

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Runn is a resource management platform built for dynamic organizations. With integrated forecasting and time tracking capabilities, Runn is the all-in-one platform for mastering your agency’s resourcing.

Runn offers complete visibility into your people’s time – from a high-level overview of your entire company’s capacity, to viewing utilization of each team or role group, to drilling down into the details of the specific phases and assignments that someone has on any given day.

With Runn you can:

  • Intuitively plan projects and schedule your people across multiple projects years in advance, plan for various scenarios to see how they impact your pipeline.
  • Track the progress of each project against its budget. Stay up-to-date on the hours, costs, revenues on each project so you can avoid overruns before it’s too late.
  • Use Runn’s built-in timesheets and optional Chrome Time Tracker extension so you can compare your plans with actuals.
  • Add Runn to your agency’s software ecosystem via integration or the API. Runn has native integrations with time tracking and HR Management tools such as Clockify, Harvest and BambooHR.

    Join over 10,000 people that use Runn to get in control of your resourcing today.

    Runn Features

    Automatic Time Capture
    Billable & Non-Billable Hours
    CRM Capacity Management
    Collaboration Tools
    Employee Scheduling
    Gantt/Timeline View
    Online Time Tracking Software
    Portfolio Management
    Project Management
    Reporting, Project Tracking
    Resource Management
    Resource Scheduling
    Skills Tracking
    Time & Expense Tracking
    Timesheet Management
    Utilisation Reporting
    Vacation/Leave Tracking
    Scenario Planning
    Resourcing Requests Functionality
    Custom fields

    Runn Reviews

    Overall Ratings 10-50 Reviews
    Software Features & Functionality
    Real time resource planning

    Users, mostly marketing and web design agencies, have reported that's real time resource planning feature has been a game-changer. It allowed them to see at a glance who is available to work on which projects. This has helped them to avoid feeling overwhelmed their team and to ensure that they are always working on the most important tasks.

    Robust reporting

    Users have stated that's reporting feature has made a significant difference in their business. It allowed them to create reports on a variety of data points, such as how much time spending on each project or phase, how their projects are progressing, and how profitable each project is.

    Project forecasting

    The project forecasting feature was highly appreciated by the users as it allowed them to see how much time and money each project is likely to take, and they could easily make adjustments as needed.

    Integrations with Popular Project Management Tools
    Easy integrations with multiple SaaS

    Users have been quite satisfied with the integrations as they said it boosted up their productivity. The most liked integrations have been stated by users: Harvest, Clockify and BambooHR.

    Easy to navigate user interface's interface has got 5-star ratings by the users. They have mentioned that it is a well-designed, easy to use and highly customizable interface.

    Transparent pricing plans

    Users have generally found the pricing options to be fair and transparent. Small teams have said that they benefited most from the free plan, while medium and large size teams reported that they upgraded to higher plans.

    Customer Service
    Great customer support

    The customer support team has answered their questions quickly and offered support when needed, most users said about

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    Runn Pricing Range

    Starts off free, including all features, unlimited users, unlimited projects. 5 people (resources) max. Paid after that.



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