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Plezi One is a free software that allows B2B companies to boost the amount of prospects generated through their website and helps them understand how their marketing is performing. All this, without needing any technical skills!

Entry Level Price : £299


Plezi is a B2B SaaS that helps marketers generate qualified leads for their sales teams. Founded in 2015 by Renaud de Lacotte and Charles Dolisy, Plezi is the first digital marketing solution which is truly automated.

Plezi is created to simplify your marketing by following each touchpoint of the B2B customer journey. Rather than concentrating on workflows, Plezi can help you generate quality leads through our Smart Campaigns, by segmenting and understanding the interests of your potential customers, reducing the sales cycle and identifying your target market.

Plezi Features

Marketing Automation
Lead Generation
Email Automation
Form Edition
Website & SEO analytics
Landing Page Creation
Lead Nurturing
Lead Scoring
Workflow Creation


Plezi Pricing Range

Plezi pricing starts at £299 per month for the annual payments. You can book demo. Plezi also offer a free account.



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