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Parallax is a forecasted capacity and resource planning solution built for digital service organizations. Parallax helps maximize efficiency of resources, ensure utilization goals are met, and track and improve project margin.


Forecasted Capacity Planning: See team capacity to take on projects and align sales to sell your available capacity. Connect sales & delivery before projects are won to efficiently set up successful engagements. Scenario plan resources onto upcoming projects to maximize profitability and see skills in hot demand you should hire for.

Resource Planning & Management: Easily assess utilization, balance workloads, and match the best resources to the right projects for optimal team performance.

Project Financial Insights: Enable your team to make project-level financial decisions like a CFO. Projects are now centered around financial goals from initial resource allocations to forecasted margin tracking. Course correct and hit your margin like clockwork.

Parallax Features

Resource planning
Capacity planning
Resource management
Project financials
Operations intelligence

Parallax Reviews

Overall Ratings 10-50 Reviews
Software Features & Functionality
Resource planning & forecasting

The most liked feature of Parallax has been the resource planning and forecasting by its users. One of the users have specifically mentioned that Parallax has helped them to improve their resource planning and forecasting by 20%.

Real time project burn rate tracking

Users have said that Parallax tracks project burn rates and compares them to forecasts. This tracking ability helped them to identify potential resource constraints or bottlenecks early on.

Capacity management

Most users have reported that Parallax provides a clear view of team capacity, including individual and team utilization rates. So, they could make data driven decisions on how to allocate resources to projects.

Integrations with Popular Project Management Tools
Easy integrations with other project management tools

Users have stated that Parallax integrates with popular project management tools such as HubSpot, Harvest, and Forecast. Users also said that these integtations allows them to centralize their resource planning and forecasting data in one place.

Clear user interface

Some users have found Parallax's user interface to be clean and easy to use, while others found it to be clunky and difficult to navigate. However, most users have agreed that the visual display is clear and easy to understand.

Custom pricing options

According to Parallax's website, the pricing depends on a few specific factors. So, they need a bit of info to get users accurate pricing.

Customer service
Great customer support

Users have generally praised the Parallax's customer service for being knowledgeable. They said that the support team is very helpful but it would be better especially for onboarding proccess.

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