Onpipeline CRM

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Onpipeline is a CRM software that helps acquire customers and manage sales processes easily. Improve your sales and marketing by customizing your database and segmenting your customers.


Onpipeline is a CRM software designed to streamline customer acquisition and sales process management. It enables businesses to enhance sales and marketing strategies through advanced database customization and targeted customer segmentation. This versatile platform offers a suite of features including pipeline management, contact management, activity scheduling and tracking, centralized communication channels, and appointment booking. Its powerful reporting tools assist in sales forecasting and performance tracking, while lead management and quote generation capabilities further simplify the sales cycle. With added functionalities like invoice management, API integration, mobile access, and multi-language support.

Onpipeline CRM Features

Pipeline Management
Contacts Management
Schedule & Track Activities
Centralized Communication
Appointment Booking
Sales Reporting
Lead Management
Quote Management