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Inkey is every student’s personal AI Tutor. Students can write Essays, get help with Homework, help with math word problems & it also helps in building resumes.

Entry Level Price : $ 9.95

About goes beyond being a mere AI Tutor; it transforms into an indispensable companion for students embarking on their educational odyssey. Whether you’re grappling with essay writing, confronting daunting homework tasks, unraveling mind-boggling math word problems, or crafting stellar resumes, stands by your side, providing unwavering guidance and support at every step.

And now, takes its game up a notch with the introduction of cutting-edge tools like the Email Writer, amplifying its prowess to assist students in honing their communication skills and conquering additional vital competencies. Features

Math Word Problem Solver
AI Essay Writer
Email Writer

Screenshots Pricing Range pricing starts at $15.58 per month. They offer a free version.


$ 9.95


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