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Improvado helps marketers, analysts, and agencies drive ROI by consolidating all their marketing data in one place. Businesses get a holistic picture of their advertising efforts by streamlining data from Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and 200+ other sources.


Improvado is a marketing ETL solution that automates data flow for advertisers and analysts with zero engineering required.

Improvado extracts data from a marketing data source, cleans, transforms, normalizes it, and seamlessly loads the results into any marketing dashboard.

The platform has 200+ ready-to-use data sources. In addition, clients can connect custom marketing sources.

With Improvado, analysts can consolidate all marketing data in one place for better insights into omnichannel campaign performance, analyze attribution models, automatically connect multiple accounts, and get accurate insights into all metrics.

Companies like Ansira, Chacka Marketing, BayCare, Monster Energy, Illy, and other organizations use Improvado to set up and adjust their marketing campaigns.

Data needs are unique for each business. That’s why we offer personalized pricing for each customer to fit your budget and business requirements with white-label flexibility.

Improvado Features

Data extraction
Automate cross-channel normalization
Connect new accounts automatically
Data loading into an external warehouse
Seamless integration with business intelligence tools
1-hour data update frequency
Streamlined social media creatives and banners to the BI tool