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Feedance, an e-commerce platform, optimizes product feeds, integrates with various systems, and empowers businesses with a unique creative suite. Enhance your online presence, reach targeted customers effortlessly, and create stunning content in seconds.

Entry Level Price : $199


Feed optimization is a process that has great importance in e-commerce and digital marketing activities. Your product data feeds play a critical role in displaying and selling your products on online platforms. Feed optimization makes these data feeds more effective, making your products more visible, placing them in the right categories and attracting users’ attention. Feedance’s feed enrichment feature streamlines your business processes and enables you to make your product feed richer and more compelling.

Feedance’s Creative Suite contains many different templates prepared in accordance with the needs of brands operating in different industries. Creative content in many sizes such as static banners, video content and HTML5 banners are included in this amazing collection.

Feedance Features

Feed Optimization
Feed Enrichment
Feed Protection
Creative Automation
Feedance Pricing Range

Feedance depends on product count and creative count





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