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Embold is a leading influencer marketing platform for Canadian brands, streamlining the process of discovering, managing, and collaborating with influencers. With over 500 brands supported and 9,000+ influencers in its network, Embold helps advertisers engage customers.

Entry Level Price : $2,999


Embold is a comprehensive influencer marketing platform designed specifically for Canadian brands and agencies. Our platform simplifies the process of discovering, managing, and collaborating with influencers, offering a curated network of over 9,000 Canadian influencers. We provide powerful management tools and customizable solutions tailored to meet various marketing goals, from brand awareness to product launches and ambassador programs.

With a proven track record of supporting over 500 brands and reaching millions of Canadians, Embold empowers brands to launch highly targeted campaigns that drive engagement and conversions. Our platform includes Influencer Marketing, Managed Campaigns, UGC, Whitelist Ads, and Agency Partners, making us an all-in solution for influencer marketing.

Embold Features

Curated Network of Influencers Powerful Management Tools
Customizable Solutions
Managed Campaigns
Whitelist Ads
Agency Partners
UGC Campaigns (User-Generated Content)
Gifted Campaigns
Reporting and Analytics
User-Friendly Interface


Embold Pricing Range

Embold pricing starts at $2,999 per month. They offer a free version.

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