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Dynasend is an enterprise email signature management platform designed for Microsoft O365 / Outlook. For 25-years, we’ve worked directly with agency partners, delivering ready-to-use solutions to companies worldwide ranging in size from 20 to 20,000+ users.


Creating a great email signature design is one thing, implementing and deploying it across the enterprise is another. Dynasend bridges the gap between your design and your client’s end-users.
We translate your design into functional HTML code and configure the necessary databases (in our proprietary platform) to power the finished program.

Then, user data is imported from the client’s active directory (AD). Alternatively, users can input the data themselves via our easy-to-use portal.

Lastly, in a matter of minutes, the client’s IT team deploys our O365 add-in to its users.

That’s it – the signatures are now functioning across the enterprise.

It couldn’t be easier. Management of the program is then handled by you or your client, using our full-featured dashboard.

Dynasend Features

Schedulable Banner Campaigns
Complete Data and Graphic Customization
Comprehensive Management Dashboard
Supports Optional and Mandatory Fields
Seamless Integration into O365
Real-time Signature Updates
Mobile Support (iOS)
Supports Azure / Entra ID Active Directory Sync
Salesforce Signatures Available
New Message / Reply / Internal Signature Options Available

Dynasend Reviews

Overall Ratings 50-100 Reviews
Software Features & Functionality
Standardized signatures

Most users have appreciated the ability to easily create and manage consistent email signatures across an entire organization, promoting professionalism and brand identity.

Centralized management

According to our research, many reviews about Dynasend have highlighted the convenience of centrally managing signatures for multiple users, saving time and ensuring consistency.

Powerful customization

Most users have said that they enjoyed the flexibility Dynasend offers to customize signatures with various elements like logos, banners, and social media links.

Integrations with Top Marketing Tools
User friendly interface

Users have been praised for Dynasend's intuitive interface which allows users to create and manage signatures without any technical expertise.

Seamless integrations

Multiple and seamless integrations with popular email platforms like Outlook, Gmail, and Office 365 and marketing tools got 5-star ratings from users, as they streamline workflows effortlessly.

Drag-and-drop design

The drag-and-drop editor makes designing beautiful and professional signatures simple and efficient. A specific user has said that the platform allowed her to create custom signatures that match their brand perfectly.

Multiple pricing options

Some users have appreciated the option between one-time fees and annual subscriptions that allows them to choose a model that fits their budget and needs.

Competitive per-user cost

Compared to other signature management tools, Dynasend's price per user in the annual plans have been found seen as competitive, especially with its feature set.

Customer Service
Great customer support

Users have mostly stated that Dynasend's customer support team are always prompt and helpful in resolving any questions or issues.

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