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CrankWheel is an easy screen sharing tool, made for telesales and customer support. Share your screen instantly to any device. The viewer opens the screen share through SMS or link and is not required to register or sign up.

Entry Level Price : $89


Why talk when you can show?

CrankWheel is used to shorten the sales circle by digital marketing agencies around the world.

Ideal for selling hard-to-explain products to hard-to-reach prospects. Show them how they rank on search engines and on online listings. You can show them how their improved website will look or build it in front of their eyes for emotional buy-in.

CrankWheel is easy to use for the viewer. Your sales team spends no time troubleshooting prospects through audio issues and can spend more time on selling.

Many of our customers use CrankWheel to onboard customers after the sale. With the remote control feature, the onboarding agent can hand the control of the session over to the customer for a guided session of the services.

CrankWheel Features

Screen sharing
HD video streaming with sound
Post-session redirect
Instant lead capture
Remote control


CrankWheel Pricing Range

Free for limited usage. CrankWheel pricing starts at $89 per month.

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