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New generation motion and graphic design tool. Artboard Studio is a dedicated design tool for creating video, vector, image, and audio altogether in one powerful infinite canvas.

Entry Level Price : $15


Artboard Studio turns designers into animators. The team is full of creative and hard-working people. 90% of the team is from a graphic or motion design background. They are trying to create a better experience for themselves while creating content. Then these ideas and experiences became Artboard Studio, thanks to their genius development team. They created an online graphic and motion design tool for digital marketing as creatives for creatives!

Artboard Studio Features

Motion Design
Graphic Design
Using Free Mockups
Using Free Templates
Using Smart Objects
Asset Management
Collaborating with Teammates
Creating Ads
Automation for Design
Making Animations

Artboard Studio Reviews

Overall Ratings 10-50 Reviews
Software Features & Functionality
Creative workflow automation

Users were well satisfied with the automation as it gave them creative freedom. They have mostly said that they could focus on creating thinking instead of repetitive tasks with Artboard Studio's drag and drop workflow builder. Also, they noted that the workflow automation 80% freed up their time on repetitive tasks.

User friendly motion design editor

The intuitive editor has helped users to speed up their design processes without any technical knowledge. They have mentioned the design library too, as they don't have to start creating designs from scratch.

Free mockup generator

Users have mostly stated that they can easily customize their mockups with colors, icons, logos, realistics elements, and custom designs to meet their brands, clients, or businesses requests with an intuitive interface.

Integrations with Top Web Design SaaS
Easy integrations with web design SaaS

The integrations with Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch are one of the best things about Artboard Studio, most users have mentioned. It makes it so easy to collaborate with other designers.

User friendly user interface

Many designers have said that they can create a complex design in Artboard Studio in just a few hours. The UI is so easy to use that they never didn't get bogged down in the details.

Flexible and affordable pricing plans

Users often have been praised Artboard Studio's pricing options for being flexible. They mostly liked the free plan as they can try out the software before committing to a paid plan.

Customer Service
Great customer support

A few users have had trouble exporting their designs from Artboard Studio but the customer support team was able to troubleshoot the issue and helped them get their designs exported without any problems.

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Artboard Studio Pricing Range

Artboard Studio offers a free plan. The paid plan pricing starts at $7 per month.

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