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The Feminist Letters – A New Typeface Created By Y&R

Y&R unveiled a new typeface named “The Feminist Letters” to draw attention to women’s issues.

Created by New York-based ad agency Y&R, the new typeface is aimed to raise awareness around gender equality and designed for feminists of all genders to write to their government representatives on essential issues.

The platform invites people to tweet at their representatives using the font and also download it to come up with social posts, creative posters and more.


Each letter and number is designed with critical and meaningful purposes, pointing out to issues such as women’s health, equal pay, and reproductive rights.

For example, ‘S’ is for salaries, ‘N’ is for no shame, ‘T’ is taking control for your body and ‘A’ is for ass kicking career women.

Leslie Sims, Chief Creative Officer for Y&R North America, said:

We’re in a critical moment for women’s rights, with movements like #TimesUp and #MeToo inspiring women everywhere to take action. The Feminist Letters gives activists a way to send a message in a font that really sends a message. There are so many organisations advocating for gender equality, and The Feminist Letters offers a shared language that encompasses all of these issues.

According to Y&R, the empowering alphabet saw initial success at the national Women’s March, where the letters were adopted by marchers in New York, LA, Philadelphia and other cities.

If you already have opinions about women’s issues and strong words to tweet at your government representatives, you can visit “The Feminist Letter”s website to let your voice to be heard.

the-feminist-letters-tweet- your-government-representatives

You can also download the font to create your original message to share with your social media network.

This provocative and humorous way of expressing feminist opinions is one of the greatest example of creative works that advocates a long standing issue.

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