Streamlining Car Transport Bookings: Click Creative Partners with Ceva Logistics

Ceva Logistics, a global leader in logistics solutions has established a strong presence in the Australian vehicle logistics market. It was originally founded in 1946 by Ken Thomas who named the well-known carrier Nationwide Transport (TNT).

The Challenge

Ceva’s two key businesses, Ceva Logistics and Ceva Car Carrying, sought to streamline their car transportation booking process by offering a user-friendly online platform. Traditionally, booking car transport involved phone calls, emails, and potentially multiple forms – a time-consuming and cumbersome experience for customers. Ceva envisioned a more efficient and user-centric approach.

The Process

In 2011, Ceva partnered with Click Creative Digital Agency to bring their vision to life. Recognising the importance of a comprehensive digital strategy, Click Creative further collaborated with Click Online Marketing, specialists in digital marketing solutions. This combined expertise ensured a holistic approach that addressed both the booking platform user experience and its discoverability through targeted online digital marketing efforts.

Click assembled its entire design and development team for this crucial project. Understanding Ceva’s goals of industry leadership and user-friendliness.The team firstly focused on creating an intuitive and visually appealing booking application.

A key challenge involved seamless integration with Ceva’s internal systems. Click Creative developed a custom API that ensured two-way data flow, guaranteeing the accuracy and consistency of customer and booking information within both the application and Ceva’s infrastructure. This eliminated the need for manual data entry, saving time and minimising errors.
In 2013 Click Creative Digital Agency then proceeded to develop a fully responsive mobile website for Ceva, progressing with the development of technology as it evolved.

Beyond Functionality: User-Centric Design Principles

The resulting website for Ceva Car Carrying Australia reflects the company’s commitment to excellence in automotive transportation. A sleek and professional design greets visitors, featuring a dynamic slider showcasing high-resolution images of the various car transport services offered.

This captivating element immediately highlights Ceva’s core offerings and instils trust in potential customers. The brand colour scheme strategically employs blue, white, red, and grey, conveying a sense of reliability and trust – qualities highly valued within the logistics industry.


Click Creative prioritised user experience throughout the design process. A well-organised navigation menu allows for effortless exploration of the website’s content. The website layout is responsive, guaranteeing optimal viewing across desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Clear and concise content enables visitors to quickly grasp the breadth of Ceva Car Carrying Australia’s services and understand their expertise in automotive logistics. Prominent calls-to-action strategically guide users towards key actions, such as requesting a quote or contacting Ceva for further information.

The Result

Beyond the initial development, Click Creative’s collaboration with Ceva Logistics extends to ongoing support and development. This ensures the platform remains at the forefront of user-friendliness and functionality within the Australian vehicle logistics market. Notably, early 2024 saw the launch of a major update, significantly overhauling the platform and front-end design.

Click Creative leveraged the latest web development technologies to enhance the user experience further and integrate valuable new features based on user feedback and industry trends.


This case study exemplifies the power of collaboration in creating a user-centric and market-leading online booking platform for vehicle logistics. Click Creative’s design and development expertise have empowered Ceva Logistics to streamline their car transport booking process, improve customer experience, and strengthen their position as a leader in the Australian logistics industry.

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