Giving Customers The Option to Prioritise Their Cargo

Air France KLM Cargo introduces new service levels to make sure each shipment gets the attention it deserves.

The Case

In most cases, a shipment is a shipment. Yes, you can differentiate between categories, from pharmaceuticals and fresh produce to live animals and art pieces. However, there are times when a shipment might have a need for quicker transfers, special attention during handling, or extra care in cases of disruptions. With this in mind, Air France KLM Cargo introduced different service levels, allowing customers to choose the one that best aligns with their objectives.

The Challenge

The goal was clear: to enhance customer experience by offering varying levels of service, ensuring that each shipment receives the attention and care it requires. However, naming and defining these new service levels were only a small part of the full equation. As the project unfolded, Meijer + Walters identified additional requirements to reach this important goal:

  • Defining, aligning and updating online content about the offerings.
  • Facilitating cohesion between different teams by organising workshops.
  • Streamlining external communications about the new service levels to raise awareness.


The Output

The goal of delivering a more customer-centric experience was achieved by defining service levels, aligning communication about the different products, and ultimately, strengthening the brand’s overall consistency. This is further emphasised by the positive feedback from Mathieu Fleisch, Vice President Product Strategy at Air France KLM Martinair Cargo:

I vividly remember the discussion about the number of priority levels we should have and the names to select. I now realise how complex our offer would have been without your support. What an achievement. You definitely elevated our project!

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