Popcornopolis Repops Online: Modern Families Get Gourmet Popcorn Fix

Ecommerce website design for Popcornopolis brings high-quality, nostalgic flavors of popcorn to modern families on the go.

A fast-growing leader in the CPG space, Popcornopolis needed its eCommerce website to keep up with increasing demand from devoted fans for tasty gourmet snacks, gift sets, and holiday assortments.

The Overview

Popcornopolis is a forerunner in the world of gourmet packaged popcorn, driving demand for sweet and savory treats among consumers who want the most consistent, high-quality products available with timeless premium flavors. The brand needed to modernize its website shopping experience, giving users easy access to all their favorite flavors, as well as flexible options for creating their own assortments for gifting to others or keeping for themselves. Isadora Agency helped Popcornopolis rethink their product organization from the ground up, devise shopping options that serve all kinds of popcorn enthusiasts, and show visitors how Popcornopolis can sweeten up all of life’s special occasions, big and small.


  • Concepting
  • Consumer Research
  • UX/UI, Web Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • eCommerce Website Design
  • eCommerce Development
  • ERP Integration

Imagery & Typography Details

To help Popcornopolis transition its brand image from a more traditional, American heritage brand to one hipper, more colorful, and more attractive to indulgent and ingredient-conscious snackers alike, we introduced patterned color blocks and cutout close-ups of their 100% real ingredients. Script headings and a bold sans-serif pair to inject personality while maintaining legibility.

Yvette Justice, VP | eCommerce, said:

We are extraordinarily grateful for the time your team willingly gave and still gives to help us propel this brand and business unit forward.

eCommerce Website Design Strategy

Isadora Agency audited every page of Popcornopolis’s existing website, interviewed an array of employees, and even sought input from customers before drawing up a revised information architecture that put Popcornopolis’s best features first. We led with the flexible buying options that customers find most useful, and restructured product categories to create a truly shopping-first experience that makes it easy to find the snacks you crave.

Carina Lora, Senior Digital Producer, said:

It’s always rewarding to collaborate with a team that is passionate about their products. The Popcornopolis brand is all about elevating everyday moments and their team’s enthusiasm really helped us bring that joyful energy to the forefront with a site experience that feels bright and indulgent.

Global Styles

To complement Popconopolis’s new packaging and retail strategy, we introduced a fresh, bold new color palette that builds on classic, recognizable colors, and echoes tones of their most popular flavors. The result is a vibrant, versatile, cornucopia of color that draws the eye without overwhelming the screen.


The new homepage hero gives pride of place to a single featured flavor at a time, allowing Popcornopolis to highlight their hottest new formulation, a bestseller, or a seasonal favorite. The background changes to complement the flavor, packaging type, and ingredient elements, creating an enticing experience for every new user.

Product Detail Page

Our aim with the product detail page was to give the user all the information they need to make a purchase without asking them to scroll down. A large silhouette product photo shows you exactly what you’ll add to your cart, bolstered by user reviews and customization options directly in the hero section.

Create Your Own

Popcornopolis customers know what they want, and the Create Your Own section gives them the freedom to customize a personalized assortment of their favorite Popcornopolis flavors, either to keep for themselves or to give to a loved one. The smooth step-by-step approach makes it fun to mix and match flavors, and builds excitement for the tailored box set to arrive at their doorstep.

Mobile Experience

We know a majority of Popcornopolis shoppers visit the site from their phones while on the go or even in store aisles. The site is made to perform just as well–or even better–on mobile browsers as on desktop; shopping remains as efficient as ever, so users can find what they want fast and enjoy their favorite Popcornopolis flavors as soon as possible.

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