The Best Video Conferencing Tools and Free Softwares

Best video conferencing tools that eliminate the disadvantage of physical distances help companies manage workflow and maintain business remotely.

Remote work has already been a growing trend across the world. And with the rise of Covid-19, it suddenly turned into a worldwide obligation. As a result, video conferencing apps have entered in our daily life, like they are our new and safe venues to meet other people.

Every company requires different features to maintain their work remotely while the pandemic virus is spreading recklessly. It is a good chance that we met this virus in a highly technological age because, now, there are many options for productive remote meetings. So, you need to know the alternatives to choose the one that fits your requirements among the best video conferencing tools.

Here are the best video conferencing softwares and their features offered:


Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing apps used all around the world. It is ideal for everyone who works remotely since it has a very simple setup and interface. You arrange your meetings on Zoom in a couple of minutes and quickly create a link to share it with the participants.

zoom remote meetings

Zoom keeps you connected with your team wherever you are with remote meetings. There are several plans for different purposes, varying from personal meetings to large enterprises and businesses. If you sign up for free, you can host up to 100 participants on group meetings for max. 40 minutes. There is no time limit for one to one meetings.

If you work for a larger business, you can choose the best plan for your business with a small price with more exceptional features and opportunities. It allows you to host up to 1000 video participants and 10.000 viewers in a meeting, and you can experience HD video and audio quality.          


Skype is one of the best video conferencing tools with various features generated by Microsoft. This platform offers you a simple way to video chat from any device to have smaller group meetings or personal conversations.

skype zoom alternatives

During a video chat, it is possible to record the video call, share your screen or location. If you desire an interactive group meeting with your small team for free, Skype is an excellent option among Zoom alternatives. If you need to organize video conferences involving more participants, you can upgrade your profile to Skype for Business for a low monthly fee. It allows hosting up to 250 participants with stronger security options.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a simple video conferencing software, which supports video and voice conferencing for up to 250 participants per call. You can also upgrade your profile by choosing the best for you among different plans according to the needs of your business.

google meet best video conferencing tools

Google Hangouts provides an easy way to join a meeting for the participants. You do not need to worry about whether your teammates, clients or customers have the right accounts. With a simple interface, multi-person video, meetings are a breeze.

Google uses a global network, which secures your information and safeguards your privacy. So, you can take advantage of built-in protection and safety in Google Hangouts in which video calls are encrypted in transit.


GoToMeeting is built for collaboration for any type of business by LogMeIn. It is a standalone video conferencing service that provides many opportunities for its users. It is a great choice to enjoy your remote meetings!

gotomeeting best video conferencing tools

You can instantly join, host or manage a video meeting from your desktop or mobile device. If you are planning to organize and host a video conference, you select your plan among different options after you sign up. Almost all standard features are available with the most basic payment, or if you need more professional and advanced features, they have Business and Enterprise plans for you.

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is premium software with several video conferencing benefits and features. Keep your expectations high, and you will never be disappointed!

cisco webex best video conferencing tools

Among different plans, the free package has more than the standard features. It enables you to hold HD video meetings for up to 100 participants and to use different options like screen sharing or private chat rooms. It also includes 1 GB cloud storage to keep your folders online and to record your meetings. You can hold unlimited meetings of unlimited length.

Within the advantages of Cisco Webex, it is user friendly for any kind of device. You can use its website on your computer or the mobile app on your phone. 


“Absolutely the best video call solution for medium-sized teams” was said in a user’s comment. Whereby is a flexible tool providing you video conferencing in the browser which requires no download or login for the participants? They can join your video meeting with a click. It means there is no downloads, PIN codes or registration for guests. 

whereby remote meetings

In terms of pricing, it is free for personal users to hold video calls with one host in a single meeting room. If you need more meeting rooms or multiple admins for video meetings, there are attractive plans for your business.

Microsoft Teams

“Work remotely without feeling remote.”

If you are looking for Zoom alternatives for your remote meetings, Microsoft Teams offers you a group chat software. It is the fastest-growing application from Microsoft. You can invite everyone you work with to chat, meet, call, and collaborate in one place regardless of where all you are.

microsoft teams video conferencing apps

You can start a group chat and instantly switch to a video conference only with a click. Teams of 10 or 10.000 can meet no matter how many different places they are in. We can be sure that Microsoft Teams is a candidate to be the best among many video conferencing tools.

You can learn more about its features and advantages if you go through its website. You can also sign up for free to try and experience remote meetings and video calls. You will see that it is a venue in which you can work with privacy and security.

Final words

Every business or company has various requirements and needs to keep the workflow while working remotely.

Among many alternative tools, you need to choose the best remote working tools that will meet your expectations and keep your work perfectly and safely.

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