Sitecore Web Application Development for MyArthritisRx

MyArthritisRx is an innovative online platform that provides arthritis patients with tailored programs to manage their arthritis. Developed by arthritis clinical research experts, the application delivers an interactive program, highlighting resources on disease literacy, a core group of exercises, and social support, that has been proven beneficial for managing arthritis pain.

The Solution

The Aumcore team created and delivered a powerful Sitecore-based web application. The MyArthritisRx website tool contains artificial logic software and is able to stage and sort user-patients into groups, depending on the thousands of different answers received in the intake forums and provide each patient with a tailored program.

MyArthritisRx & Aumcore unite to create a modern and efficient platform, to bring together and help people who face arthritis-related conditions, overcome their pain and guide them through their knee rehabilitation and recovery processes!

The Result

Since the development of the MyArthritisRx website application, the program grew rapidly and went from 10 to 432 user-patients. Aumcore has also created six new severity groupings since launch and they have managed to receive great feedback from the patients-users! And as the program doesn’t cease to grow, Aumcore is on track to become the industry’s standard for online arthritis pain management.

During their 2.7 Years of frictionless collaboration, Aumcore have achieved – by working close together – to significantly improve traffic and conversions. The data below reflect, briefly but precisely, the outcomes of their fruitful synergy!

About Aumcore

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