Suzuki – Digital Transformation Case Study from Emote Digital

Suzuki is a legendary motorcycle brand, known for their precision engineering and the Suzuki experience. Yet the motorcycle market is declining globally, so Suzuki Motorcycles approached Emote Digital to transform their online presence to have the best motorcycle website in Australia.

The Problems

  • Overcoming that motorcycles are traditionally sold by visiting the dealership in person
  • Increasing their service retention, accessory sales, finance and insurance uptake
  • Solving for the lack of visibility customers have around which dealers have their preferred motorcycle in stock
  • Combatting the declining motorcycle market and creating the number one motorcycle website in Australia

The Approach

Emote Digital redesigned the entire Suzuki Motorcycles Australia website to feature visually impressive pages that guide the user through the entire journey of choosing a motorcycle and services. It was important that we provide all the information to the end-user so they can be educated and ready to purchase when entering a dealership.

Every motorcycle page is visually appealing and highlights the benefits of each motorcycle, used bikes, and current stock.

Emote added the ability to easily compare models and highlight the differences.

Users are now able to search their surrounding dealers for different models, filter by year and colour, include accessories and services, and send the enquiry to the nominated dealer.


Build Your Bike

As it’s important to empower customers to purchase from dealerships, Emote Digital also developed a Build Your Bike flow to overcome the challenges of selling online.

They integrated Build Your Bike to allow customers to firstly select motorcycle models and colours before they guide them through the available accessories and service plans.

All Build Your Bike enquiry forms include a section to register your interest for Suzuki finance and insurance.

The user has the ability to either pay a deposit and secure the motorcycle they have built or send the motorcycle with all the selected accessories and services to a nominated dealer.

The Outcomes

Emote Digital’s biggest success is how they’ve been able to streamline the process of choosing a motorbike online and how that translates to securing it from a dealership.

Not to mention, the website they’ve created is visually impressive and better captures the sophistication of Suzuki motorcycles.

The new end-user journey removes decision fatigue, increases service retention and results in more qualified leads delivered to dealers. Individual dealer pages can expand to become minisites that the dealer can send advertising traffic to, further increasing qualified lead generation and conversion.

They not only created a new website for Suzuki Motorcycle, they digitally transformed Suzuki Motorcycle’s sales process by prioritising the customer’s journey. The outcome is a frictionless connection between the customer, motorcycle, and local dealership.

About Emote Digital

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