Isadora Collaborated with Gartner to Create a Custom Explainer Video & UX Design System for a Customer Portal

Gartner is the world’s leading research and advisory company, providing essential market data and insights for industry leaders. Learn how content organization, strategic thinking, and a new UX design system for GDM’s customer portal turned a brand’s information expertise into an industry-leading software resource.

Gartner expanded its field of expertise by acquiring three successful, tech-focused brands. Capterra, Software Advice, and GetApp launched as Gartner Digital Markets (GDM). This marketing services brand focuses on helping technology companies connect with potential buyers to increase business reach.

GDM turned to Isadora digital agency to introduce the brand through an intuitive website product & ux design system. The new work created adheres to Gartner’s strict web guidelines, all while supporting vendors’ needs and customers’ goals as they move through the purchase funnel.

Approach – Gartner Digital Markets

Isadora’s goal for designing the GDM website was to tell the brand’s story in a way that communicates clearly, instills trust, and increases product understanding. This includes clarification of the brand’s portfolio of products and the competitive benefits each product offers. By creating an intuitive ux design system for the customer portal, they transformed Gartner’s powerful suite of individual services into a seamlessly integrated marketplace for useful vendor information.

This also enabled B2B customers to make more informed decisions while raising Gartner’s profile as an indispensable partner to software businesses.


Gartner Digital Markets is focused on delivering valuable tools and services to vendor partners. Isadora’s team took a detailed look at what motivates vendors to explore and engage with website experience. After defining key personas and creating an efficient conversion funnel, they moved ahead with a new design system for GDM’s portal.

This organized ux design system empowers Gartner Digital Markets to design at scale. It also serves as a living brand style guide that dictates how every element—colors, typography, grids, forms, and more—should look, interact, and respond to user input.


Story Driven Page Layout

Isadora’s team of brand copywriters created informative navigational titles and up-front messaging. This helps rapidly guide visitors toward the content most relevant to their individual needs. They also crafted a story-driven page layout designed to maximize engagement while minimizing clicks.

Beneftis Not Products

Describing in detail, the features of each GDM product was too uninspiring. Instead, the agency chose to communicate the numerous benefits customers would enjoy by partnering with GDM. Using a story-driven approach, as opposed to presenting a long list of specific features, maximizes engagement and increases conversion.

Data-Driven Insights

By partnering with GDM, vendors gain access to powerful analytics that shed light on new and potential customers. Web designers at Isadora created a new login-protected portal where vendors have access to valuable insights, like competitive benchmarking, statistics, testimonials, and untapped market segments.

Complexity Simplified With Video

Their animators also produced an animated explainer video that illustrates how GDM helps software companies connect with in-market buyers.

The new video helps educate, nurture and ultimately convert high-quality leads into customers. This visual showpiece was created to be shared on the website. It’s also used across the brand’s social media platforms, further extending the company’s reach and influence in the software industry.

Optimized for Conversion

Micro-conversion forms and prominent calls-to-action drive higher-quality leads. These forms also increase the ROI that vendors achieve when partnering with Gartner Digital Markets.

About Isadora

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