Pizza Hut’s Pie Tops Dedicated To March Madness Continue Making A Footprint In April

Pizza Hut’s bluetooth-engaged shoes called “Pie Tops” are probably one of the coolest ordering services ever made!

One of the most famous restaurant chains, Pizza Hut unveiled a pair of Bluetooth-adapted basketball sneakers called ‘Pie Tops’ that order a pizza when you hit the button on the tongue of the shoe. The project was initially made for the NCAA March Madness 2017.

The company has teamed up with Droga5 agency, and the sneakers were handmade by the Dominic Chambrone, aka Shoe Surgeon.

Naturally, there’s a mobile app to set your order defaults and change the button push requirements, so you no need to worry about ordering a pizza by mistake. Not that a pizza is ever a mistake!

Sadly, a total of 64 such sneakers were made, in order to match the 64 teams that participated in the March Madness. While most of the pairs went to influencers,  the brand also delivered a limited number to a few lucky fans.

The retired basketball player, Grant Hill stars in the promotion video and talks about ordering Pizza Hut from Twitter, Amazon Echo or Facebook Messenger.

David Daniels, VP of Media and Advertising for the Yum Brands Chain, tells AdWeek,

This is one of those ideas that as soon as we saw it, we wanted to buy it. It hit everything we wanted to communicate in this window in a fun, really relevant way. And it was beautifully tied to the thematic of the tournament and the season.

As far as we know, this has never been done before. We feel it’s highly culturally relevant. Sneakers are hot. We’ve enlisted a really cool professional to design these shoes for us—the Shoe Surgeon out of L.A. These 64 pairs are handmade, and pretty cool.

We don’t decide if there’s a need for a pair of sneaker to order a pizza, but the idea is definitely an attention-grabber. For the owners, Pie Tops can be used in April too.

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