Supercharging JobSwipe’s Growth: Increasing Ad Spend and App Installs While Reducing CPI

JobSwipe, a job seeking app, aimed to amplify its app marketing efforts to enhance user acquisition and improve cost efficiency. They aimed to scale their advertising spend to reach more potential users while simultaneously decreasing the cost per install (CPI) to enhance the overall profitability.


JobSwipe’s primary challenge was to enhance their user acquisition while improving cost efficiency. They aimed to expand their advertising spend to reach and engage more potential users and reduce the CPI to improve overall profitability.

Strategic Approach

Favoured undertook full-service app marketing for JobSwipe, focusing on acquisition, mid-funnel communications, and creative strategies.

Data-Driven Advertising Campaigns: Our approach involved optimising advertising campaigns using data-driven techniques. This strategy aimed to reach and engage potential users effectively, thereby improving user acquisition.

Refining Mid-Funnel Communications: Alongside optimising advertising campaigns, we refined the messaging in mid-funnel communications. This aimed to guide potential users through the conversion process smoothly and effectively.

Engaging Creatives: To further engage the target audience, we developed compelling creatives as part of our comprehensive marketing approach.

Performance Highlights

  • 28% increase in AD spend MoM
  • ​​24% increase in APP installs MoM
  • 19% decrease in CPI MoM

Data-Driven Optimisations: In conjunction with the increased ad spend, we also achieved a significant increase in app installs, witnessing a 24% rise MoM. This improvement indicates the success of our data-driven optimisation and creative strategies in boosting user acquisition.

Improving Profitability: Moreover, our approach led to a significant reduction in the CPI, decreasing by 19% MoM. This demonstrates the enhanced cost efficiency in acquiring new app users, thereby improving overall profitability.


Our full-service app marketing approach effectively addressed JobSwipe’s challenges, resulting in increased ad spend and app installs and a reduced CPI. The significant MoM improvements in these areas demonstrate the effectiveness of data-driven optimisation, refined mid-funnel communications, and compelling creatives in boosting user acquisition and improving cost efficiency, enhancing the overall profitability of the app.

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