Aumcore Implements a Complete Marketing Strategy for a Brazilian Furniture Company

Florense US is an upscale Brazilian furniture company that pays homage to its Italian heritage throughout its handcrafted furniture.

With locations in New York and Miami, Florense US utilize state-of-the-art technology while fraternizing with expert craftsmanship and this evolves into the furniture of impeccable quality.

The Ask

Florense US stands for sustainability and proudly employs an ecologically conscious production process. The “fatto a mano” (handmade) culture has been present since the foundation of the Florense and this culture drives Florense to create truly unique projects.

This enables Florense to stem into one of the world players in its field and justifies its acquired credibility for fine handcrafted furniture.

The Solution

Florense’s goal was to grow its brand image and engage with consumers directly. Previously Florenses prioritized selling solely through channels. However, like many others, they started to build their own showrooms and connect directly with consumers.

Florense needed us to digitalize their showrooms and connect to their consumers who did not have the ability to visit showrooms in person.

Florense needed to showcase its perfectly composed furniture as well as the brand’s deeply rooted heritage while allowing for seamless navigation for any user. Aumcore wanted to not only showcase the exquisite furniture but to also grow Florenses brand awareness across the US.

Aumcore began with managing Florense’s Instagram. Firstly, we identified Florense audience and how their customers interact with the brand, in order to provide personalized and a relevant customer experience throughout all channels.

Aumcore builds out a full marketing strategy for Florense by utilizing target audience personas. Based on this, we were able to build out Florense’s Instagram and run campaigns for them.

Creating an in-depth Social Media Calendar for Florense was critical to creating a strong brand image, which was based on a number of different topics and events.

Secondly, to complement the launch of Florense’s Instagram, Aumcore launched an eCommerce website on Shopify that was focused on the US Market. Shopify felt like the perfect choice in the digitally enabled world we live in.

The Result

Florense now has a complete marketing strategy and eCommerce website that easily allows any user to navigate while showcasing their core values and illustrating their pristine product lines.

About Aumcore

Aumcore is a global digital marketing agency based in New York; a full service interactive marketing agency helping brand’s reach the right customers.