IKEA Is Highly Impressed By The Luxury Industry – And Is Not Afraid To Show It

Ikea and luxury are probably the most opposite words and that’s exactly the point that McCann Spain has been joking about, in a classy manner.

McCann and the Swedish-founded company previously created “Allen Key”, highlighting how Ikea items can appear elegant and custom-made, if placed in the right venue. Now they’re back with two new ads, teasing about luxury advertising in their tone-of-voice . McCann Madrid and MRM//McCann Spain worked on the project.

Produced by Blur, the campaign is directed by Armando Bo and creatively managed by McCann Madrid and MRM teams.

The Watch a farcical sendup of high-fashion ads reminiscent of Old Spice’s recent fragrance parodies, two posh lovers suddenly find themselves facing a new realization about their hyperstylized.


The Jewel seems like a jewellery spot, the necklace is packed with magical elements like a majestic unicorn and a cloud of butterflies following a stunning heroine throughout a vast home. Then a woman (from the real world) shows up and points the forest-green IKEA cabinet surprisingly.

McCann Spain’s “Allen Key” spot is the point of origin from almost exactly a year ago and the piece, won gold at the Epica Awards just a few weeks after debuting in October 2017.

To tell the truth, people want to see more of this stereotypical luxury ads because they’re everyone’s inner voice and IKEA –is not afraid to show it.