Asena Arica

Cruising between the following roles: advertiser, junior copywriter and editor. I’ve written copies for brands, and devised creative ideas for about 4 years. Enthusiastic about everything I do, writing is one of my biggest passions. Excited to work at DAN as a content editor!

WORK | Social Media Campaigns

Airbnb And Pinterest Expose Travel Guidebooks For Every Traveler

If you’re in need of some travel inspiration – look no further than the most photo-worthy travel trends triggering Pinterest users and Airbnb guests to book some out of this world trips and experiences. From adrenaline-fueled adventures, to eco-friendly dwellings, to trips among the stars, Pinterest and Airbnb are teaming up to reveal some of …

NEWS | Brand News

BMW Approaches Content Marketing To Create Engagement Between Consumer And Product

BMW is eager to widen their potential audience by creating content that engages consumers beyond cars and “gets to the point”. The brand sees a mobile-first, content-oriented approach which will help attract a broader audience and claims the recent relaunch of its website has already increased mobile visitors by 27%. Speaking at Mobile World Congress …

NEWS | Brand News

Starbucks Brings Dark Social Into Play For Better Market Position

The American coffee chain use to bring their product development and marketing more coherent to reach trends faster and get better insights. Starbucks is now exploring how it can use private groups and accounts on social media to better engage with consumers around product development and testing as it looks to evolve its social media …

WORK | VR / AR Marketing

Toyota Presents An AR App To Let Customers See Through The Hybrid Models

With the help of Brandwith agency, Toyota showrooms use augmented reality to let customers experience inside cars. The new Toyota Hybrid AR application uses Augmented Reality technology and objective recognition software to overlay graphics of the inner workings of the Hybrid drivetrain onto physical vehicles, helping customers to gain a better understanding of how the …

NEWS | Industry News

UK Advertising Services Build Up As Exports Hit £6.9bn

A new report has revealed that in 2017, international trade in the UK advertising services reached £6.9bn. Data compiled by the Advertising Association showed an overall rise in exports of 18% from the year prior, a double-digit boost far in excess of UK service exports as a whole, lagging behind on seven per cent. The …

WORK | VR / AR Marketing

Burger King Uses Augmented Reality And “Burns That Ad” Digitally

Burger King is encouraging fans to ‘burn’ its rivals in digital platforms, thanks to a new mobile app feature that sees billboards burned in flames. The Burn That Ad project provides anyone who launches the Burger King app in Brazil and points their smartphone at its main competitors’ ads may enjoy the sight of it …

WORK | Social Media Campaigns

Adidas And Intersport Teams Up With Twitter To Livestream Women’s High School Volleyball And Soccer

Adidas entered phase two of its She Breaks Barriers initiative and  teaming up with Intersport and Twitter to livestream women’s high school volleyball and soccer games on the social network for the first time. The same three companies worked together last year on Friday Night Stripes, a slate of eight livestreamed high-school-football games featuring nationally …

NEWS | Industry News

According To Barclays, UK Digital Ad Spend Is To Hit £15bn In 2019

Barclays’ report has revealed that digital advertising ad spend is set to grow to more than £15bn this year. Barclays’ corporate banking team predicts that marketers will spend more on UK digital ads in 2019 than they did in 2018, despite Brexit. The double-digit come amid an ongoing focus towards digital in the sector, with …

WORK | Case Studies

Gri Creative Is Proud To Improve Groupama’s User Experience

As an holistic agency designing the interaction between brands and people, Gri Creative has completed the user experience design project of Groupama Turkey’s website. What are the objectives of the company? What do users want? And which technologies do we need in this process? These were the questions that came to mind at the beginning …

WORK | Case Studies

Punchcut Presents Lifebeam Vi: The Future Of Personal Coaching

Lifebeam engaged Punchcut to design a rich multi-sensory fitness experience powered by an artificial intelligence voice coach delivered through a new hearable audio device and companion mobile app. The services Punchcut provided in this project are Identity Design, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Motion Design and Voice Design. Voice Agent / Meet Vi Punchcut was tasked …

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