Asena Arica

Cruising between the following roles: Advertiser, Senior Copywriter and Content Editor. I’ve written copies for brands, and devised creative ideas for about 7 years. Enthusiastic about everything I do, creative writing is one of my biggest passions. Excited to work at DAN as a Creative Content Executive.

BLOG | Content Marketing

Top 7 Stock Music Sites For Video Content Marketing in 2021

Content marketing has both pros and cons at the same time. When it comes to video marketing, the duration of the audience’s attention is the common goal for all of us. To create an amazing, story-driven medium, videos are the current helpers of the content creators, because they grab the attention first, and the information …

WORK | Digital Ad Campaigns

Top Halloween Campaigns Of All Time To Get You Inspired

In October when comes fall, the brands launch their most festive Halloween-themed campaigns, all and all. While we continue to witness some great Halloween ads over the years, what about ad campaigns that go beyond creative yet gruesome? So, let’s explore the greatest Halloween marketing spots of all time and get some spooky inspiration. • …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

Top 10 Tips On Collaborating With Influencers in 2021

It’s no coincidence that influence marketing is one of the popular marketing techniques. With a well-developed strategy, collaborating with influencers can help you market your brand more effectively! Since marketing and social media are harmonized we witness a lot of new approaches coming out. On social media platforms, competition rises day by day and content …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Check Out The Priceless Digital Marketing Strategies of Mastercard

Instead of creating campaigns, we want to sustain momentum around moments of truth.Jay Mendel – Global Digital Marketing VP, Mastercard This is how Mastercard approaches engagement with an audience that’s millions-strong, according to Jay Mandel, MasterCard’s VP of Global Digital Marketing. Mastercard’s global marketing campaigns, are not matter of throwing ideas into a campaign brief; thus …

WORK | Branding

BMW’s New Transparent Logo Design Causes Controversy Along With Its Modernity

BMW’s new flat logo identity is released towards the digital sphere, and exposes the challenges of designing for modern times and multiple formats. The transparent appearance first released on the brand’s i4 model. BMW has revealed a brand new logo to coincide with the release of its i4 concept car and yes, it’s another addition …

WORK | Digital Ad Campaigns

Apple Went ‘Behind the Mac’ for International Women’s Day

Apple released a new Behind the Mac video honouring International Women’s Day, March 8th. The brand pulls together found scenes of influential and successful women at their computers created by TBWA\Media Arts Lab. The short film finds a variety of influential and successful women and adds the ways the company is celebrating International Women’s Day. …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Learn To Redefine Beauty With Dove’s Digital Marketing Strategies

In between a fast-paced digital marketing landscape, how can marketing specialists find a way to influence purchasing decisions? Dove’s digital marketing strategies demonstrate how you can do it. With the efforts of the major corporations such as Dove, they are using integrated marketing communication to contribute versatile marketing campaigns. Dove has built up an ultimate …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Pick Up Some Wise Shots From Starbucks’ Digital Marketing Strategies

Being Starbucks is not so easy in the digital world. Holding a strong brand image and having a stable corporate identity, Starbucks is coping up with digital transformation in between the lines. Of the 75M monthly Starbucks visitors, Starbucks wants to have digital relationships with 60M because virtually all the company’s comp growth comes from …

WORK | Digital Ad Campaigns

“Cheers” to Domino’s for Their New Pie Pass Technology!

Domino’s is now where everybody knows Norm’s name, with one tap of a mobile phone! Domino’s has grabbed the most famous bar patron of the 80s and 90s, Norm Peterson from Cheers (as played by George Wendt) and taken his famous entrance as a way to promote its new Domino’s Pie Pass. The leading pizza …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

How To Exactly Comprehend Uber’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Lifestyle alterations in the mid-2000’s cause the world to get dominated by the mobile apps and being comfortable with fast-paced global formations, Uber welcomes in our life with its controversial struggles since 2009. The ridesharing company owns a fleet of cars, SUV’s and independent vehicles who get themselves registered with Uber for being in the …

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