Asena Arica

Cruising between the following roles: advertiser, junior copywriter and editor. I’ve written copies for brands, and devised creative ideas for about 4 years. Enthusiastic about everything I do, writing is one of my biggest passions. Excited to work at DAN as a content editor!

NEWS | Agency News

Pound & Grain Released Their Podcast Series And The Recent One Is About Social Media Strategies

If you don’t know, now you know! Pound & Grain released a digital news show based on podcast series called Version Control. Discussing the industry’s hottest topics and more, their latest topic is about social media and how to position yours by developing certain strategies in recent trends. According to them, good brand strategies are …

WORK | Branding

Vrrb Interactive Creates A Powerful Brand Identity For Sideline App That Testifies SaaS Applications

Specialized in planning, designing and building user experiences for web and mobile, Vrrb is helping Sideline to meet their new brand identity. Created by Vrrb, Sideline plans to bring a new aspect to the marketplace this year and requires a perfect combination of similarity and contrast. Through the repetitive phase of revamping the identity for …

WORK | Case Studies

Y Media Labs Celebrates Their 10th Year Anniversary With The Whole Story

Nobody starts a company at the bottom of a recession. Well, nobody smart that is. Award-winning creative technology company, Y Media Labs celebrates their 10th year anniversary with an impressive letter that explains the whole story, right from the start, where “Steve”s email triggered everything. From creating Japan’s first billion-dollar app to gather wondrous comments …

WORK | Ad Campaigns

Top Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas For Inspiration

Just a kind reminder: Mother’s Day is on May 12, which is around the corner. For anyone fresh out of ideas and looking for inspiration for gift-giving or entertainment, here you go. KFC KFC has got you covered with customizable videos sure to keep her lickin’ her fingers. The new KFC video will help her …

WORK | Branding

Helvetica Redesigns “Now” After 35 Years

And “Now”, is the neue ubiquituous type! The Helvetica family has been used by countless brands and creative professionals, in millions of designs since its inception. The typeface embodies a clean and versatile design, and the Helvetica Now typeface continues the tradition established by the Helvetica and Neue Helvetica families while introducing a number of …

WORK | Ad Campaigns

Best Easter Marketing Campaigns and Ideas of All Times

A candy-infused, ‘chocolate bunnies everywhere’ holiday, Easter is a joyful theme to herald the arrival of spring! So, let’s take a look at the egg-cellent marketing campaigns of the brands from Ikea to Nestlé. This joyful and entertaining event directly touches to the marketing industry, yet it’s so related to a According to the National …

WORK | Case Studies

Major Tom’s Three Piece Meal About Content Marketing

Content marketing has become an essential part of any digital marketer’s toolbox. It is ubiquitous, a common component of online campaigns for everyone — from mom and pop stores to multinational conglomerates. But while more content than ever before is currently being produced, most of us are still making a colossal mistake. We are investing …

WORK | VR / AR Marketing

Meet KFC’s New Computer-Generated Virtual-Influencer, Colonel

If you’re a big KFC fan -we mean a KFC fan that even follows the food chain’s account, you sure have met Colonel Sanders. The CGI generated – Instagram guy is not even a real person. Yet, he already has his own audience because of his good-looking guy persona on Instagram. The posts of him …

WORK | Case Studies

Crowd Presents #DareToCreate Campaign: A Regional Online Football Competition

As part of their global Exhibit Pack campaign, adidas worked with Crowd to create a competition centered around user generated content. To boost their product Exhibit Pack, which focuses on four football boots  named X, PREDATOR, COPA and NEMEZIZ, adidas developed a global campaign No Fakers, Creators Only, which featured major football starts such as …

WORK | VR / AR Marketing

Volvo Builds Up An Open-for-All Digital Library To Share 60 Years Of Safety Knowledge

The brand is building an easy to access-online library, promoted with a short film. It’s increasingly come to light that women are more likely to get injured in a car crash–partly because male crash test dummies are the standard. Feminist writer Caroline Criado-Perez has been highlighting the issue recently in a new book about data, …

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