How to Evaluate Case Studies When Hiring an SEO Agency

When you are hiring an SEO agency, you need to make sure that you trust them and have confidence in their team. After all, you are handing over a lot of responsibility and the online success of your business can be on the line.

If you do your research, working with an SEO agency can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. But, what signs show you have found a good SEO agency?

One of them is having case studies available on the website. Let’s take a closer look at whether you should rely on them.

Are Case Studies Important?

Yes, case studies can be an indicator of a great SEO agency.

They demonstrate the work that has been achieved by the team and they can show you the expertise of that SEO agency in action. Indeed, companies can talk all day about how many years of experience they have and what they can do for your brand.

But, the best way to see if this is really true is to look at case studies and the results they have produced.

But, not all case studies are the same. Yes, they are going to be helpful but this is only if the SEO agency provides you with enough details on the work they have done. ClickSlice has provided potential clients with a host of insightful information.

This is exactly what you want. But, there can be some SEO agencies that will not provide enough details and this is a cause for concern. Namely, it may not really show what the team has done for a client.

Ultimately, the real answer to the question is going to depend on the case studies. Indeed, if an SEO agency has taken their time in writing case studies and they provide you with a lot of information, then they are going to be highly relevant when choosing who to hire.

So, you will have to take a look at the case study to make sure that it is really telling you the whole story or whether it is brief and unhelpful.

What Makes a Good Case Study?

How do you know if a case study is a good representation of an SEO agency?

Well, you need to take a look and read them carefully. Here are some things that make a good case study when it comes to hiring. The general rule is the more detail, the better the case study.

There Is a Background

It is good to get an understanding of the brand the SEO agency is working with and what their issues are, as well as what they want to achieve. So, a good case study is going to provide this background information so that there is context to the study.

But backgrounds do not have to be extensive. They just have to provide you with an overview of who the company is and how they were at the beginning, plus what they are looking to achieve with the SEO agency.

The Campaign and SEO Strategy Used

Next, a good case study is going to talk about the campaign they ran and what strategies they used.

The more information they provide you with, the more you can see what tactics and techniques they use. Most SEO agencies will detail exactly what they have done in a campaign so that you can a better idea of how they work.

Missing out on these details is a red flag. You need to know how an agency achieves results to know if they are legitimate.

Information About the Results

One of the most important elements you want to look for in a case study is what the results were. In other words, what has an SEO agency achieved for that client?

It can be great to read all about the company and the strategy they were using. But, this is not going to matter very much if it did not achieve positive results. So, ensure that the case study details what the campaign achieved in the end.

Hopefully, this can include a boost in traffic and revenue.

Again, you want all of the juicy details. Statistics are going to demonstrate that the SEO agency keeps good records and wants to demonstrate its knowledge to potential customers. Think about these statistics as evidence and this is something you want to see before you hire them for your business.

Comments From the Brand

It is also useful to hear comments from the brand at the end of the case study. In other words, you can benefit from hearing what the brand thought about the SEO agency and how it operated.

Of course, if the client is happy, this is great and it gives you a good impression of the SEO agency. It will also help to relay the results that have been achieved. Check our brand new SEO agencies in the UK directory with their great case studies if you’re looking for one.

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