Best Black Friday Marketing Campaign Ideas from Creative Brands for 2020

When you read these two words “Black Friday”, the first thing we all think is “crazy shopping”.

There is no doubt that Black Friday is the most intense shopping weekend of the year. Although it first appeared in the U.S, other countries adopted it in time and it takes place on the last weekend in November. In the U.S, they have a celebration on Friday after Thanksgiving, and it is considered as the starting point for the shopping season for Christmas.

Lots of stores and brands offer their customers discounts and other incentives to shop through Black Friday marketing campaigns. Now, it has become the most popular shopping period because everyone is waiting for Black Friday to shop. Only in the U.S, customers spent an average of $500 in 2019. So, we can easily say that Black Friday has become a shopping routine for people, and it is an effective marketing strategy, of course.


In recent years, we heard creative and attractive Black Friday ads and campaigns at a premium. As a marketing strategy, creating an interesting campaign offering special discounts or promotions for your customers boosts your sales and increase your revenues in a very little time. People rush into the stores and online shopping platforms on Black Friday.

Here we mention the best Black Friday marketing ideas as examples to inspire you.

Black Friday Ad Campaigns & Ideas

Patagonia is a brand that is already known for its sensitivity to ethical issues. In 2016, the company announced that they would give 100 percent of their online Black Friday sales and their global retail directly to nonprofit organizations.


Through their Black Friday ads, Patagonia exceeded the expectations and reached a record-breaking $10 million in sales. The company estimated $2 million in online sales and the response was far beyond their expectations.

Through a partnership with One Percent of the Planet, they donated what they earned from Black Friday ad campaigns and made a great contribution to the charity trying to raise global awareness and create a new environmental legacy. Even you donate as little as 1% of your total annual sales, it is still worth it to protect the environment. Patagonia shattered a record by contributing all their Black Friday retail to the charity.


Every year, Dodge also releases its Black Friday commercials on TV and YouTube that encourage people to shop by arousing excitement and curiosity. The company offers great deals all month long at the Dodge Black Friday sales event.


Walmart used “neon lights” with the dance group Light Balance that performed America’s Got Talent finals to get attention and make a difference in the crowded Black Friday marketing space last year.


On this iconic Black Friday ad, Verizon claims that their Black Friday offers even convincing for Santa. The brand continuously used Santa for its ads and the theme of Santa is shopping from Verizon.

Black Friday Social Media Campaigns

As a part of Black Friday ad campaigns, social media plays an important role in brand promotion and recognition. You can use trending Black Friday hashtags and popular slogans to reach more people through social platforms.

For example, Amazon schedules live videos on Facebook and generate thousands of views that result in nearly 300% more customer engagement than other companies that do not use broadcasting as a marketing strategy.

Unlike traditional ads, Kohl’s also creates Black Friday social media campaigns to engage with more targeted customers. The company not only shares ads announcing special Black Friday discounts but also offers a gift card to the customers in return for any response or retweet with a hashtag including the brand name.

Anti-Black Friday Marketing Campaign Ideas

Although Black Friday is the most popular shopping time all around the world, there are some people and companies who are against it. Therefore, there are a variety of anti-Black Friday marketing campaigns generated by several brands and organizations. Some examples are as follows:


Hubbub is a UK based charity organization dealing with environmental campaigns and activities. According to their research, almost half of the people spend money on something that they cannot afford just because there was a discount and what is worse is 70% of them buy items that they will never use.

With the aim of a successful launch of alternative Black Friday, Hubbub organized a series of alternative events designed to suggest people other ways to spend Black Friday. They named the organization “Bright Friday” and participants were asked to create new outfits from old pieces and swap their items or clothes with others.

Through the “Bright Friday” event, Hubbub aims to encourage sustainable choices and provides an alternative to endless Black Friday sales for people who are aware of the ridiculous side of fast fashion that causes overspending.

Cards Against Humanity

Making a mockery of Black Friday is the habit of the company. Every year, their team creates an absurd campaign to rebel against overconsumption on Black Friday.

As an anti-Black Friday campaign, Cards Against Humanity increased the prices for the Black Friday weekend and put an extra $5 for each product. First, they considered making a joke by reducing all the prices by $0.01 but then they decided on a much riskier strategy by increasing the prices.

Another year, Cards Against Humanity held a 99% off sale on various items including smart TV, Ford Fiesta, and a poncho toilet. They sold a range of items with limited supplies; however, the sale was real.


As a company with several Black Friday marketing ideas, Patagonia adopted an anti-Black Friday lead. In 2011, they released an advertisement named “Don’t Buy This Jacket” as their first anti-Black Friday campaign.

The main purpose of the campaign was to encourage people to reduce, reuse, recycle, and repair their items instead of buying a new one. As a part of the activist movement of the company, this campaign was published online and in the bestseller newspaper, the New York Times. Patagonia attracted thousands of people’s attention with this ad against consumerism.

Although it is quite difficult to match the creativity of all those marketing campaigns developed by various companies, you can still try your best to create your own Black Friday marketing campaign through their inspiration.

You can make use of the power of social media and video content to achieve your ad objectives for Black Friday that will boost your sales.