Bacardi Offers ‘DJ Simulator’ On Instagram

Bacardi has just launched the World’s First Instagram DJ experience for its Stories feature and teamed up with Swizz Beatz for the virtual campaign.

Bacardi loves to integrate music on their projects and mixes them with a tech-edit on marketing campaigns, we all know that. Titled “InstantDJ”, new digital campaign was created with the help of BBDO New York and Facebook’s Creative Shop.

To use, the user first opens a @bacardiusa Instagram page. Then tap the BACARDI profile to play. With each tap sounding like a DJ mixing the turntables the video plays by the users. While the feature puts control into the hands of the user, it allows them to mix tracks by pushing the story forwards and backwards with taps to the left and right of the Instagram Story.

Check out the brand’s demo for the initiative:

The InstantDJ on Instagram is a free ad and it will show up on followers’ news feed for 24 hours on Instagram Stories. The Story later will be published to Bacardi’s feed for people to view after the initial 24 hours.

Olivia Legere, Bacardi North America’s director of creative excellence, said,

[Music’s] always been embedded in our history and what we do. Through the years, we’ve been getting much more strategic in terms of the programming. That said, because this is such a big brand, that means we have a flexibility and we partner with a number of different artists. And we play at lots of festivals.

This is a very cool project for marketing integration and is also perfect social media combination. Check out the experience from here.

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