Ikea’s New Campaign Makes Tiny Living Spaces More Practical

Ikea is now up to something that goes well with social media, a group of video series that called ‘Square Metre Challenge’ for the small living spaces.

The idea of the project is just as simple as the designs: Ikea is offering suggestions on how to make the most of the tiny living spaces, especially for the people who are living in small apartments because of the big city life.

Even if the room is small, the challenge is to make it seem bigger, of course with a planned storage. So, they use movable furniture instead of the fixed ones; use outfit boards to hang clothes and shelving system instead of large wardrobes. So the more you save on square metres, the more you can use your valuable space.

Let’s watch the four-part series, here:

For this video, Interior Designer and Stylist Therese, comments,

I tried to see the possibilities instead of the limitations. This was especially a challenge because it’s a rental, and I didn’t want to drill so many holes in the walls.

Therese and big sister/appreciator of alone time comments:

It’s important for a family to be able to do their own thing and be together. So we tried to create a flexible room with opportunities for alone time and together time.

They’re all impressively clever and show the brand’s usual perspective at the first sight. Living in a city needs these kinds of tricks and the video series are very good to cover them up.

Plus, you can buy the furniture from the website after you watched (and probably liked) any of the four ideas.

This is a real campaign with real-everyday issues and shows us that a social media campaign in today’s world should be exactly like this.