A Competition to Recognise the Sustainable Heroes of Europe

Trina Solar, a leading global PV, and smart energy total solution provider, tasked Crowd Europe with a sustainability campaign throughout 2022 to bring all of Europe under the same roof.

With a series of product launches and roadshows to assist the energy crisis and bring the world a step closer to a net-zero target.

What better way to close off the year than with a competition to celebrate the hard work and dedication of the unseen sustainability heroes – PV Installers.

The #UnderTheSameRoof competition gave installers and their respective Trina Solar distributors a chance to win amazing prizes and showcase their outstanding installations to a global audience.

Trina Solar needed a platform where installers could submit their projects (using Trina Solar’s modules)
With a competition, comes tight deadlines and this is where #TeamCrowd came in.

Crowd Europe created a unique campaign inviting installers to show off their work and submit their projects on a fluid landing page created by their dedicated team.

With organic and paid digital activities, the campaign exceeded its target of 50 submissions, delivering well over 100 qualified submissions, thanks to Crowd’s expert campaign tracking.

From there, the landing page needed to evolve further for the world to vote for their favourite finalists.

Through the evolution of the landing page, respondents were able to vote for their favourite finalists seemingly, putting them one step closer to a coveted trip to Thailand.

If you’re curious to see who the winners are and what prizes are up for grabs, head over to Trina Solar to find out more!

If you’re keen to work with a team of unique creatives to create a compelling campaign, you’ve come to the right place!

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