The Walk’s Customer Stories Demystify AWS Cloud

Real human stories build brand trust with SME businesses.

Not all small-to-medium-sized businesses understand what cloud computing can do for them, so when they hear the name Amazon Web Services (AWS), the assumption can be that this technology, and its rather large supplier, is only for big companies.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. AWS is the most widely adopted cloud computing platform on Earth because of its ability to meet the needs of organizations – big or small.

AWS tasked The Walk with educating those smaller customers unfamiliar with what its platform could do for them. The subsequent flow of genuine customer testimonial videos and blog articles provided proof straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth.

Project Challenges

Being the world’s most comprehensive cloud computing platform can be something of a hindrance when attempting to relate to the SME market.

The Walk realized AWS’s need to humanize its brand to breach this gap and show the value its platform could offer this target audience.

The challenge was to share meaning, which is a complex value proposition.

The Walk determined a series of customer stories delivered via video and blog could call attention to the real-world benefits some small businesses are already achieving after making the leap to AWS Cloud.

Project Goals

The Walk’s strategy was to flip the coin, focusing on the SME businesses who’ve achieved great outcomes using AWS, as opposed to the typical approach of AWS itself being the focal point.

By doing so, AWS could show its relevance to smaller businesses is just as powerful as for large enterprises.

The Walk focused on:

  • Humanizing the AWS brand
  • Building trust in the SME market segment
  • Demonstrating the value of the AWS Cloud service
  • Simplifying the brand’s value proposition

The Walk’s Process

Sourcing SME customer stories

It was strategized that showcasing a range of different use cases across several industries could make the biggest impact on SME perception of the AWS Cloud, and its relevance to smaller operators.

The Walk emphasized the platform’s versatility, which is designed to support small business growth and scalability.

Homing in on pain points

The next step in the journey involved interviewing key staff at each business, emphasizing discovering the pain points that the AWS Cloud ultimately resolved.

An in-depth analysis of each company’s initial challenges provided relatable case studies intended to resonate with organizations contending with similar challenges.

Project Solutions

The Walk looked at how the AWS Cloud solved each customer’s challenges, but instead of prosaically listing the platform’s features, the focus was on the real-world benefits felt by each organization.

These small businesses were also asked to elaborate on what it was like to partner with AWS, including the level of support they received when implementing its solutions.

This resulted in customer testimonials based on the personalized care and genuine relationships provided by AWS, in conjunction with each business demonstrating how the easily modifiable AWS Cloud platform was used to solve their business problems.

Project Results

AWS Cloud now has a broad range of video and blog marketing collateral from real people at real businesses explaining how AWS Cloud improved their businesses.

Here’s a sampling of these stories: AWS customer, Tinyme, expanded its eCommerce presence from just Australia to 9 different countries.

Customer CareMonitor went from no telehealth at all to hosting over 34,000 patients in just 1 week. Farm monitoring hardware customer, Levno, implemented native IOT services in AWS to deliver its own customer’s optimal insights.

Real human stories demonstrate potential

Each video and blog story provided by these small businesses offers personal level communications on how the AWS Cloud platform solution benefited their businesses.

Coming from an experiential perspective, this provides authentic testimony to the opportunities that exist for small businesses who wish to grow and scale – it can be done with AWS Cloud technology.

Want to use stories from real people to relate to your audience like AWS Cloud?

Storytelling is a form of marketing that resonates on an emotive level with your target audience.

If you feel it’s about time you connected properly with your prospective customers, contact The Walk to see how they can help.

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