We Tree Kings: Ecom CRO for Spectacular Conversion Growth

We Tree Kings, an online retailer specialising in Christmas trees, partnered with Favoured to transform their digital storefront. Their vision was to not only improve the online shopping experience but also to significantly enhance their conversion rates. The key objective was to optimise the checkout process, making it more intuitive, efficient, and capable of driving higher sales volumes.


Initially, We Tree Kings faced a clunky and inefficient checkout flow. The absence of multiple payment options and a hidden upsell opportunity for tree stands on the cart page were significant hurdles. These challenges were leading to lower conversion rates and a higher cost per order, impacting overall profitability.

Strategic Approach

Favoured took a holistic approach to streamline We Tree Kings’ e-commerce experience. Our strategy included:

  • Redesigning the Checkout Flow: Integrating tree selection and stand requirements in one seamless step on the product page.
  • Embedding Delivery Preferences: Allowing express checkout options while ensuring all necessary customer information was captured efficiently.
  • Multi-Payment Options: Introducing various payment methods to cater to a broader customer base.
  • Enhanced Upselling Techniques: Making the option to purchase tree stands more visible and appealing during the buying process.

Performance Highlights

  • 4.94X improvement in Conversion Rate
  • 80% reduction in cost per purchase
  • 350% increase in weekly orders

Conversion Rate Increase: We witnessed a stellar rise in the conversion rate from 0.54% to 2.67%, demonstrating the efficacy of the new checkout flow.

Reduction in Google Cost Per Order: The cost per order on Google ads plummeted from £68.76 to just £14.05, reflecting a more efficient ad spend and targeting strategy.
Consistent Average Cost-Per-Click (CPC): Despite the comprehensive changes, we maintained a stable average CPC at £0.38, ensuring cost-effective customer acquisition.
Enhanced User Experience: The streamlined checkout process significantly reduced cart abandonment and increased customer satisfaction.
Budget Upscale: The success of the campaign led We Tree Kings to increase their Google ads budget, especially ahead of the crucial Christmas period, indicating strong confidence in the new strategy.


Key Achievements

  • Boost in Conversion Rate from 0.54% to 2.67%
  • Reduction in Google Cost Per Order from £68.76 to £14.05
  • Streamlined Checkout Flow Enhancing User Experience


The collaboration between We Tree Kings and Favoured dramatically transformed their e-commerce performance. By focusing on conversion rate optimisation and a data-driven approach, we not only enhanced the user experience but also significantly increased sales efficiency. This case study demonstrates the power of strategic e-commerce optimisation in driving growth and profitability in the competitive online retail space.

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