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7 Tips for Creating Great Blog Titles for SEO & Readers

Almost all businesses around the world have realized the importance of strong content. Great content can bring a lot of new clients and represents the product and the service being provided. While everybody is in search of creating a rich blog for their website, content creators are seeking to find the best blog titles for SEO.

The power of great content is not questionable anymore. No matter how big or small a business is, its quality content eventually decides its destiny.

The need to find out the best SEO tools is growing and we are aiming to help those content creators or marketing employees do their best by providing them with some best blog titles.

For those who wish to improve their content creating skills, we have compiled some tips for blog SEO strategy. Here are some tips from our professionals for some catchy blog titles for SEO.

Depending on the findings of our research, it is proved that the titles that are created using a certain formula are the most successful way to start your blog.

People tend to prefer and read the content with a catchy blog title that starts with a number, continues with an adjective and keyword, then the rationale, and the promise itself.


This formula has proved itself successful and has been recommended by many marketing SEO agencies and professional content creators. If you are located in the USA, You can get help from the best SEO agencies in New York for generating more traffic from your blog.

How long should be a blog title for SEO?

If you are asking yourself that question above, you are at the right place to find some answers.

While choosing catchy blog titles for our content and making it a SEO-friendly one, make sure you do not write either too short or too long. 

First of all, as we mentioned above, make sure your blog title has all the essentials including a number, adjective, definitely a keyword, and the rationale and what you are promising.

There is not a specific number of characters or numbers of words to be restricted to as long as you stick with the first rule. 

Make keyword research on the subject and try different titles

Before you write your content, make sure you make thorough keyword research about the subject, and in this way, you can also extend your research to find the best blog titles for SEO.

Including the best suitable keyword for your blog title will bring you the traffic you have been dreaming of. All you need to do is focus on extended research and the rest is all about practice. There is a correlation between usage of focus keywords in your SEO Title tag.

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using keywords in title correlation with seo traffic

Try to be creative while considering the technical rules for SEO writing, which means using the right formula for the title.

Do not exaggerate, keep it simple and impressive

While deciding the best blog titles for blog posts, you should not exaggerate and you should try to keep it as simple and understandable as possible.

You may provide the rest of the details in your text, not in choosing the best blog titles. Also, do not try to use too fancy words for your service or product in order not to lose the credibility of your text.

Overall, you will want the readers to engage in your reading, not that they think that is a hoax.

If you happen to give false information or write a very complicated blog title, the readers will tend to avoid reading your text. So just try to keep it simple, but give the message you would like to give to your readers. The gist will be enough to keep the readers curious and the keywords will bring the traffic.

Try to address readers’ emotions

The research shows that people tend to read texts that are appealing to their emotions. So while deciding how to title blog posts for SEO, keep it in mind. Prepare your blog titles in a way that will partially or directly address people’s emotions.

You may do it by aiming to make them feel curious, surprised, or amused. Which emotion you will address depends on your goal, audience, and the type of message you would like to convey. Giving the wrong message and the emotion might cause you to face a fall in your website traffic. Keep this in mind to decide the best blog titles for SEO.

Know your audience well

While writing a blog, one of the most important things to consider is your audience. So make sure you know who you are writing the content for. The target audience will decide the tone of your text, the word choice, or even the content. 

Moreover, in order to choose the best blog title for SEO make sure you know your audience and even make research to get a better idea of their expectations. Write your blog title and your blog according to their needs.

Try writing a couple of blog titles

If you really care about what you are doing, we strongly recommend you to prepare a few extra blog titles for SEO. So you can use them whenever there is a change or a need for a different wording or keyword. 

You may even use those blog titles for your future texts which will eventually assist you to maintain a harmonious flow of articles. It will also help your blog’s popularity. 


All in all, if you are trying to maintain great content for your website, choosing the best blog titles for SEO has crucial importance. Think twice and read our tips before you start writing your blog.

Remember to check for the keywords and create the right formula for your blog title. The title will mean a lot to you and your website.

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