44 North Digital Marketing Helped Lerners LLP Optimize Web Content

44 North Digital Marketing helped Lerners LLP optimize their web content by producing a series of search engine optimized articles and social media support.


Lerners LLP, a major law firm with offices in London and Toronto, Ontario, was looking to increase awareness of their agricultural law practice using content marketing.


44 North Digital Marketing researched leading agrilaw firms in the local area, analyzed their approach, and developed a content strategy that would allow Lerners LLP to rank better than their competitors in the agricultural law niche. They then produced a series of search engine optimized articles and provided the social media support required to promote the content pieces online.


They acted as a force multiplier for Lerners LLP Business Law Group by crafting a series of high-quality, search engine optimized agricultural law content pieces, now being used within their agrilaw lead generation strategy.

The Overview

The goal for Lerners LLP was to work with farmers and be the preferred place for all agricultural or farm-based legal work. The challenge that Lerners LLP lawyers faced revolved around conflicting priorities:

  1. Being expected to maximize billable hours for the firm
  2. Being expected to establish themselves as thought leaders online by producing high-quality search engine optimized content

44 North Digital Marketing’s role was to act as a force multiplier for the lawyers at Lerners LLP, allowing them to invest the absolute minimum amount of time required into 44 North’s process, which ultimately produced relevant, accurate and search engine optimized articles on their behalf.

Phase I: Research & Planning

Their first step was to coordinate a client interview and complete thorough market analysis. They then conducted their proprietary competitor research and keyword analysis. They utilized this keyword research to compile a list of recommended blog article concepts. This approach ensured they received all necessary guidance and information from the agrilaw group in the absolute minimum amount of time.

Client Interview

44 North Digital Marketing’s team interviewed the agriculture lawyers at Lerners LLP to extract their goals for the agricultural law articles they were to produce. This short interview allowed them to understand the key problems their typical clients face from an agrilaw perspective, while also providing insight into the competitive nature of the industry.


Market Analysis

44 North Digital Marketing then conducted a market analysis to analyze the services Lerners LLP currently offered from an agricultural law perspective. They identified the unique value proposition that made Lerners’ legal offering stand out amongst services offered by competitors.

Company Analysis

44 North Digital Marketing’s team performed a thorough audit of the Lerners LLP website to discover how it was currently performing from an SEO perspective, such as identifying the keywords they ranked for and the keywords they didn’t rank for.

Competitor Researchch

44 North Digital Marketing analyzed the top 5 competitors in the local area to determine who the leading firms were and the content they were creating in order to rank for agricultural law search terms.

Keyword Research and Framework

44 North Digital Marketing then researched over 1,000 agricultural law-based keywords and identified those with high search volumes and low competition scores. This approach allowed them to establish the optimal articles they needed to write with the best chance of ranking in Google.

Compile List of Ideas

44 North Digital Marketing’s team completed their research and planning phase by compiling and presenting Lerners LLP with a detailed list of recommended blog article concepts based on their findings from the competitive analysis and keyword research processes.


Phase II: Content Production

Having completed the client interview, market and company analysis, and competitor and keyword research, their team was well-equipped with valuable insights needed to transition into the content production role.

Article Brief Development

Once 44 North Digital Marketing received approval on specific blog concepts, they then developed detailed article briefs. Each article brief was based on one of the approved blog concept ideas, and they then transformed these concepts into very detailed article outlines.

The purpose of these outlines was to brainstorm the specific elements to be discussed, the key terms to be optimized, and the supporting references to be consulted. 44 North Digital Marketing then presented each of these article briefs back to Lerners LLP for final approval, again requiring the absolute minimum amount of time from their lawyers.


They then transitioned into writing the articles, producing a series of 1500-2000 agrilaw focused blog format articles. These blog articles were written in a formal yet conversational tone, allowing the average reader who is a non-legal expert to understand and take away significant learning objectives.

The range of topics discussed focused on the typical problems a farmer would face and provided insight into best practices and how a Lerner’s lawyer could help. They ensured that each article included a call-to-action to encourage the reader to contact Lerners LLP should they require legal advice.


44 North Digital Marketing crafted a series of social media posts to be used across LinkedIn and Facebook, allowing Lerners LLP to promote these articles to their audience in the minimum amount of time. These social media posts included the images as well as post copy.


Over the course of this campaign, 44 North Digital Marketing required the absolute minimum amount of involvement from Lerners LLP. They acted as a significant force multiplier by supporting their lawyers manage conflicting priorities of producing high-relevant content while also billing maximum hours for the firm. 44 North Digital Marketing’s team played a vital role in ensuring that Lerners LLP was successful in managing both priorities, by allowing Lerners to focus on providing strategic input throughout their content development process.

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