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‘Time Is Precious’ Ads By Nike Reveals All Our Smartphone Addiction

Nike and Wieden + Kennedy Portland collaborated to launch the video series on social media and smartphone addiction that scrutinizes our daily habits.

W + K attracts and catches us with this clever ad campaign, this time, they’re taking us to the dark side. Titled ‘Time is Precious’, ads are composed of video series that use no visuals, but only black&white texts.

“Are we running today?” is the tagline of the ads that appear at the end. Campaign is directed by Chris Groom & Antony Goldstein. Plus, this simple and easygoing case series cost no-budget.

Nike spells out why we should stop texting and wasting time around the internet all the time while doing usually nothing. The main video ‘Time is precious’ is one and a half minute long and the others are just symbols of “things” that we spend time on.

Let’s watch the video series, here:

The campaign begins with, “This commercial is just 1 minute out of the 10 hours a day you spend glued to your screens,” and continues to explain and exemplify the facts. On the videos, Nike tries to give message to stop wasting time and get running or training. For instance the ‘Celebrity’ one is very effective because the robotic voiceover repeats the word “celebrity” all the time during 0.30 seconds and the viewer starts to question his own behavior.

A perfect way to analyze our behaviour towards each other and our technological devices, especially when we forget the time and scroll left, left, left, left…

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