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SEO & SEM articles including SEO marketing strategies, optimization tips, trends, tools, ideas and best practices.


Best Free Link Building Tools for SEO in 2017

What will the best free link building tools for SEO be this year? Have a look at our list of must-have tools for link building in 2017! Decades after their rise as crucial part of SEO, link building still remains the top strategy for optimizing the websites. Staying on track with the current trends of […]

seo friendly url guide

Secrets To An SEO-Friendly URL Revealed

URLs describe a website or page to visitors and search engines. Keeping them compelling, relevant, and accurate is the key to ranking well. While URL structures aren’t on top of the priority checklist in most SEO efforts, an SEO-friendly URL is guaranteed to give you a competitive edge over others. What does a search-friendly URL […]

Questions Ask SEOAgency

Skip the RFP: Ask Your SEO Agency These 5 Questions Instead

Every business should consider these five questions when engaging an SEO agency! We don’t believe blind boilerplate RFPs identify the best SEO agency for a business. In today’s world, successful SEO engagements require a partnership with clients, marketing & PR departments, agencies and web developers to deliver successful results. This cohesion is very difficult to […]


Are you ‘Near Me Search’ Optimized?

It’s an irony of search engine marketing. The more we improve the granularity of our search targeting, the more our customers’ searches seem to become more generalized. After all, “near me search” sounds about as general as you can get. Google has trained many searchers to be lazier since the results become geo-customized without the […]

5 awesome seo tactics for 2016

5 Vital SEO Tactics For 2016

Give your business a leg up with these five vital SEO tactics… Search engines constantly evolve and so marketers always need to keep their SEO game on the high. Although thinking about SEO doesn’t get most people heart-thumping and excited, it is an enormously important tool if you want your content to shine in the […]

domain name how to choose

How To Choose The Perfect Domain Name

Boast your chances of success by picking the right domain name for your website. Naming things is always fun, be it your newborn baby, a Wi-Fi-router, your pet dog, a start-up business or even your domain name. It can also be quite challenging. Whether it’s for your business or a personal brand, putting thought into […]

best seo tools for startups

The 10 Best SEO Tools For Startups

These SEO tools can help catapult your startup from scratch and elevate your website on search engines.  Most startups run on shoestring budgets and gradually build a customer base. To help take your project off-the-ground and attract attention, you need online visibility. Good SEO tools are about more than just finding quality keywords. Reports and […]

Beyond Google Analytics

Why We Should All Start To Look Beyond Google Analytics

Is it time to look beyond Google Analytics? There is little doubt that Google Analytics (GA) provides a wealth of invaluable features. With it, we can check traffic, which channels traffic came from and how many conversions are being made. We can also measure which the best and worst performing pages are. These features come […]

how to perform an seo audit for your website

How To Perform An SEO Audit For Your Website

An SEO audit that you can perform easily for your website, helps you to enhance your website’s technical health, user experience performance and content. Performing a search engine optimization audit of your website is important for many reasons. You can make an accurate evaluation of the health of your website, identify the specific areas that […]

Keyword Analysis And Research Methods

Keyword Research And Analysis Methods

Keyword research and analysis methods are the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search and content marketing fields. Keyword research should be the basis of any online marketing campaign. Search engines want to rank the most credible, comprehensive resource for a given keyword term. Ranking for the right keywords can make or […]