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500 Cyclists Started Giving A *Beep In London To Improve Cycling Safety

Hövding and Edelman Deportivo developed a safe button, named ‘Give a Beep’, to increase the cycling safety in London.

Some brands are making effort to increase safety while cycling and to prevent accidents. The Swedish company, which is specialized in producing airbag for cyclists, Hövding has a project named ‘Give A Beep‘ .

Collaborating with Edelman Deportivo agency, Hövding developed a button for bikes and it can connect via Bluetooth to the cyclist’s phone through a smartphone app called ‘Flic’. If the cyclist pushes the button, data is generated from that place to the map on the campaign site.

The purpose of the button is to mark the unsafe streets and places to ride bicycles in London. Everytime one presses the button, an e-mail is sent to the Mayor of London’s office to make them aware. Eventually, urban cycling will be safer and the button will achieve its goal. Afterall, some of the troubled spots are already detected and taking care of.

Let’s watch the video of the campaign, here:


Marketing director at Hövding, Anna Katarina Skogh said:

London is a world metropolis and has every possibility to be a safe cycle-city. More people should be able to cycle and feel safe while doing so, but today’s infrastructure doesn’t allow it. Therefore, would we like to highlight the issue and push forward the campaign for safer cycling, letting cyclists themselves to report about the places that need improving. It’s important for us to contribute to a safe cycle-environment – with the perspective of the cyclists as a focus.

So far, 500 digital buttons have been distributed to the members of the London Cycling Campaign to launch the project.

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