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Introducing The World’s ‘Most Instagrammable Billboard’

One of Zaha Hadid’s latest projects can be a spectacular billboard design of the future, located on the Sunset Boulevard, California. The project is intended to illustrate the evolution of outdoor advertising and motivate the advertisers to promote in the new era. Creative display and design of the billboards are described as Sunset spectacular project, […]


Intranet Of Things 2016

Intranet Of Things 2016 will be held on November 26nd, 2016 at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago. Focused on applying the principles of the IoT to the enterprise, this session will explore ways to craft truly transformative intranets that engage employees, reduce repetitive friction, maximize productivity—and ultimately profits— through interconnected, contextually relevant, and hyper-personalized experiences. […]


London Virtual Reality Business Meetup 2016

The Virtual Reality Business Meetup will be held on November 22nd 2016, at WeWork Moorgate in London. VR is already a multi-billion dollar business and will bring so many possibilities into all sorts of different aspects of our lives from Gaming to Architecture, Health, Training, Education, Travel, Socializing and Social Media, Movies and Entertainment, Sports […]


Google’s DeepMind AI Platform Doesn’t Need Any Human Intervention Now

Reportedly announced, Google DeepMind is now capable of teaching itself depending on the information it already possessed. Founded in 2010, Google’s British Artificial Intelligence company DeepMind is now on the edge of a revolutionary invention. DeepMind is able to learn, or we can say, to teach itself based on data it already holds. This leads to a completely self-contained learning. […]


Superpowers Are Visualized As Geometric Shapes

Supergraphics is a set of posters that visualize superhuman abilities in geometric shapes, designed by Fardan Munshi.  Waterloo-based visual designer Fardan Munshi created 16 different posters that portray the superhuman powers we all wish to have. For this project, he was inspired by Genís Carreras, who did a similar project in the past, called Philographics, which […]


Crowd Launch New Website!

Growing crowds worldwide! After months of hard work, Crowd are delighted to officially announce the launch of their brand new website just in time for their fourth birthday. In just four years, Crowd have not only built a fantastic roster of happy clients but have also expanded their offering to San Francisco, Dubai, Detroit, London […]