the-client-teamworkcom-new-video Commiserates Over Client Pain in Video Parody

Provides timely comic relief to anyone who works with clients during Stress Awareness Month.


Working for clients, while rewarding, can be rough. That’s why, the only platform built for managing client work, profitably, is delivering a major dose of empathy with its new video, “The Client.” The parody movie trailer launched today, and is written and produced by Umault.

The video captures the universal frustrations of working with clients: From ridiculous demands, impossible deadlines, and painful last-minute changes. Whether you work in an agency, in accounting, IT, engineering and architecture services, or a consultancy of any kind – anyone who works with clients will relate – hard.

“Great brands go beyond product promotion, they empathize with customer pain. This isn’t new, but the category convention is to stop short of these more emotional triggers. Our product is built to solve these real-life challenges, and if our video brings a moment of recognition or relief to this audience, then it’s done its job!”

Jenny Hayes, Head of Brand,

“Trying to not slip into client-y tropes during the creative process was comedic in itself – although those moments somewhat validated the work!” Jenny continues.

The video isn’t’s first foray into highlighting client work stress and solutions. Their recent State of Agency Operations Report found that 44% of agency leaders say client expectations have become more challenging, and that 38% of agencies struggle with overservicing clients. Over half (56%), say they overservice to keep clients happy.

“Client work teams are some of the strongest out there and can succeed with the right support in place. We wanted to get this video out there to get people talking about the problem, and solutions too. We encourage leaders to regularly have honest, transparent conversations with their teams to promote a stress-free, burnout-free workplace.”

Peter Coppinger, Co-Founder and CEO,, and former agency owner.

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