Volvo’s “Human Made Stories” Is One Of The Greatest Film Series Made About Innovation

Volvo has released two new short films sponsored by Sky Atlantic, the project celebrates human innovation.

The new films from Human Made Stories are called ‘Nemo’s Garden’ and ‘Music of the Mind’. They are directed by directors Edward Lovelace and James Hall as known as D.A.R.Y.L and created by Valenstein & Fatt a.k.a Grey London.

Music of the Mind is a film about an English violinist who suffers from a catastrophic brain injury which makes her unable to play violin, yet many years later, she joins her old orchestra using technological devices which read brainwaves and translates them into melodies for the other violinists to play.

‘Nemo’s Garden’, is about a son and a father who find a way to grow crops on the ocean bed as a solution to make a living farmland. Dotted with picturesque shots of the ocean and the Italian countryside, the film charts the family’s bizarre ambition of growing basil underwater.

From Sky Atlantic’s On Demand service, Creative Director Andy Lockley tells AdFreak,

The first set of films we created got good traction and were downloaded 600,000 times. This time round, we wanted to tell stories that were truly remarkable. Stories about people whose refusal to accept the things the way they are has led to innovation that that potential to change the world. We spent a great deal of time searching for these stories and were very selective.

And Georgina Williams, Head of Marketing at Volvo Car UK, said,

These films are beautifully made and incredibly inspiring, and really bring to life the Volvo philosophy of human-centric innovation. We know that viewers have actively enjoyed seeking our other films in the ‘Human Made Stories’ series, so we’re looking forward to see how these new ones are received.

Both films are fantastic, the first one even has an emotional touch. Helping people help other people should be the main purpose of technology.