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Best Push Notification Software

Check out the best Push Notification Software that enables you to increase the performance of your campaign, click-through rates, revenue and customer retention rates. Straight from your website or mobile app, send powerful notifications to your customers.

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DialMyCalls is a mass notification system that helps various organizations and businesses better connect with their users through automated systems. The platform uses automated text messaging, emails, and voice broadcasting.

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  • boostools-push-notification-software


    Boostools is the unique platform to set the powerful on-site marketing campaigns to boost the conversion rate with on-site messages, web-push notifications and nudge notifications.

  • pushpushgo-push-notification-software


    PushPushGo is the fastest growing Polish platform for creating, targeting, and reporting the effectiveness of web push notifications.

  • batch-push-notification-software


    Batch provides the most specialized push notifications engagement platform on the market for mobile & web, combining high-volume throughput and advanced targeting options.

  • gravitec-push-notification-software


    Gravitec is a push notification software focused on automation and personalization.

  • airship-push-notification-software


    Marketing and digital experience teams at thousands of the world’s most admired companies rely on Airship’s Customer Engagement Platform to create deeper connections with customers by delivering incredibly relevant, orchestrated messages on any channel.

  • pushnami-push-notification-software


    Pushnami supports mobile and web push notifications, email marketing, and native push ad network allowing businesses to capture subscribers, intelligently market to them, gain new traffic sources, and grow their revenue.

  • esputnik-push-notification-software


    eSputnik is a marketing automation service made to embody the toughest ideas of solutions in a very clear and efficient way for everyone.

  • courier-push-notification-software


    Courier is the fastest way to add multi-channel notifications to your web, desktop, or mobile app. With one API call, you can reach your users on any channel email, SMS, push, chat, and more.

  • pushengage-push-notification-software


    PushEngage offers personalized web push notifications using the automatic segmentation of your subscribers and auto-responders to send them notifications.

  • swrve-push-notification-software


    Swrve is the only platform on the market that enables brands to connect with their customers with relevant messages, in real-time, and at scale.

  • pushwoosh-push-notification-software


    Pushwoosh provides the most diverse cross-platform push notifications system that lets marketers, mobile developers, and app owners reach and engage their audience with unprecedented ease.

  • catapush-push-notification-software


    Catapush is a simple, reliable and scalable delivery API for mission-critical push notifications for applications.

  • onesignal-push-notification-software


    OneSignal is the market-leading customer messaging and engagement solution, offering mobile and web push notifications, in-app messaging, SMS, and email.

What is Push Notification Software?

Push notification software is a platform that helps businesses deliver personalized messages to their web and mobile visitors in real-time. Web push notifications are efficient solutions as they allow you to connect with your web visitors after they leave your website.

Push notifications are the most powerful part of the marketing automation systems. They are conveying messages or information about special offers and campaigns to customers. The best part is that visitors can still continue to receive these notifications even when they run their browser on mobile apps. As push notifications software helps you create attractive messages, it boosts customer engagement.


Since push notifications software provides different types of notifications based on users, we should mention the most used ones: web push notifications, desktop push notifications and mobile push notifications. The aim of these three notification software is to increase website and user engagement while increasing conversions. As each push notification service does not require any technical knowledge, it becomes a handy tool for every marketer.


What Are the Benefits of Using Push Notifications Software?


Push notification software is used for sending personalized offers, discounts, special reminders or news to users. By doing that, it can boost conversions, retain users, increase traffic and conversion rate, encourage purchasing, stimulate user engagement, enhance brand consistency and target the right customers.


On the other hand, since we spend our time mostly on mobile devices, mobile push notification software has become significant. These mobile push notifications convey app messages to app users. just like web push notification software does. Once a user opens the mobile app, the mobile push notification software registers both the app and device ID. Then, the system starts sending notifications that can be displayed on their mobile device depending on iOS and Android permits. The only disadvantage of mobile push notifications is to take more time than other push notifications.


How Much Does Push Notifications Software Cost?

Push notifications software mostly charge monthly fees based on the number of subscribers. The market also consists of free push notifications software that provides essential tools to send push notifications. Most pricing plans can be upgraded at any time depending on your needs.

We have mentioned the best push notification software above to appeal to each unique need. Some of them come with advanced features like A/B testing, analytics, smart abandoned cart reminder, timezone adjustments and much more but might be a bit pricey.

Key Criteria to Evaluate the Best Push Notification Software


Pricing Policy

Pricing is the key factor while considering purchasing each marketing platform. Most push notifications software provides both free and paid plans. Starting with free plans gives you insights into how the platform performs. If it meets your all needs, no need to pay more for the features that you will not be using.



As creating mobile push notifications are a bit complex, having easily navigated notification software can support you along the way. You should not need any technical expertise to understand how the platform works. It can be quickly downloadable and understandable so that users can take action immediately without spending too much time on learning.



There are some essential features each push notification software has to provide that include personalization, automation, segmentation and GDPR alignment. In addition to these key features, some offer advanced solutions such as price drop alerts, A/B testing, personalized smart tags, detailed goal tracking and analytics. You should identify your needs accurately to make smart decisions.



Push notification software should be flexible enough to all your changing needs. If the notification software only supports certain web browsers, the probability of reaching potential customers will decrease. However, most push notifications software supports only HTTPS websites. So, you should make your vendor choice according to this.


Customer Service

If you face a problem while using the push notification software, you should easily get access to knowledgeable customer service. Alongside getting great customer support, documentation, blogs, FAQs or communities can also help handle the complications of the notification software.

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