Wide Angle Analytics

Wide Angle Analytics is a made-in-Germany, fully featured, strictly GDPR-compliant web analytics. Wide Angle Analytics gives you control over whether to use cookies or not. Get insights with custom actions and core privacy-friendly metrics. Track with confidence.

Price Range: €9.99 - €89.99

Wide Angle Analytics Features

Web Traffic Monitoring
Goal Tracking
Conversion Tracking
Custom Actions Monitoring
Traffic Attribution Monitoring


Wide Angle Analytics is a friendly, featureful web analytics solution for responsible businesses. Wide Angle simplifies collecting, analyzing, and using data to reach business decisions and uncover actionable insights. Data collection and analytics should be creating the potential for value and protecting the business, not hurting it.

Wide Angle Analytics respects users’ privacy by not collecting personal data by default, in strict compliance with European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Meanwhile, we are one of few platforms that open an opportunity to enrich analytics with targeted and identifying data and still adhere to regulations.

GDPR compliance is a significant challenge for companies that deal with EU citizens’ data. Our tool provides safety and peace of mind.


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