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Jenz is an internal social network that works like your mobile intranet and a company’s employee engagement app.

Entry Level Price : €1


Jenz is a mobile app and an internal social network developed by the Q agency – the fastest-growing software and design IT company in Europe (Deloitte, 2017). Jenz is nominated for the best Mobile App in the world in 2022. Jenz was created for the internal purposes of Q but, in just two years, grew to a separate company having over 20.000 users from all over the world, with the main focus in the IT and Financial sectors.

Jenz is dedicated to bonding colleagues, strengthening employee engagement, and enhancing the speed and transparency of company information, top-down and bottom-up, in video and photo content. It’s user interface reminds you of Instagram for organizations, and it has six main features; official and social stories, people directory, surveys, anonymous feedback, and kudos.

Jenz Features

Anonymous Feedback
Anonymous Surveys
People Directory
Post Publishing


Jenz Pricing Range

Jenz pricing starts at €1 per user/month.







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