SEEK Business Partnered with Emote Digital for a Solid Digital Marketing Strategy

SEEK Business approached Emote Digital for a solid digital marketing strategy aiming to create a plan to reach their target market.

SEEK Business is Australia’s largest online business-for-sale marketplace. They connect people who have a vision of owning their own business with franchises and businesses that are for sale.

SEEK Business helps people progress their career and realise their dreams. They came to Emote Digital to create and implement a plan to reach their target market.

The Challenge

After undergoing extensive research into their customer base, SEEK Business were looking for a solid digital marketing strategy. They needed to implement the research they had done on potential business buyers to get conversions. They also needed to solidify their own unique style and brand presence.

The Approach

Emote Digital was able to curate target audiences from the research into audience segments looking to buy a business. This also allowed Emote Digital to benefit from the funnel approach in social media and platform advertising. Here’s how Emote did it.

  • Combining platform advertising, social media advertising and organic social to curate a consistent and engaging brand presence to appeal to Emote’s target audience
  • Defining SEEK Business as its own entity and separate to parent company SEEK
  • Developing key messaging and engaging copy with a defined tone of voice
  • Creating custom illustrations that go hand in hand with the copy and look great on the feed
  • Taking SEEK Business’ research and refining target audiences, specifically targeted across Facebook, LinkedIn, Taboola and AdRoll
  • Mapping out Emote’s digital marketing strategy using the funnel approach in order to filter and target potential business buyers


The Outcomes

The outcome was a digital marketing strategy where each aspect worked together harmoniously to drive results. Compelling copy, engaging creative, a curated social media presence, use of alternative digital advertising channels and laser-focused targeting ensured an impressive performance.

In just 9 months, the ads were viewed 616K times with 4.2k views to the website.

The funnel approach to filter the target audiences proved itself as a powerful strategy. At the top of the funnel, Emote Digital saw over 75K engagements on the ads.

Middle of the funnel directed more than 3K views to the website with a cost of only $0.78 per landing page view.

The bottom of funnel remarketing campaigns had a total of 1K custom conversions. In this case, a custom conversion meant enquiries for buying a business, making them particularly notable conversions.

Fully embracing digital across multiple aspects of their business led to big numbers and impressive stats for this Australian icon.

About Emote Digital

Emote Digital has been delivering integrated solutions with beautiful results since 2001 offering in-house WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify and digital marketing services.