Renault And Publicis Italy Are Selling A Limited-Edition SUV Through A Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Thanks to the frequent usage in artificial intelligence technology, Renault Captur’s Tokyo limited edition will only be available for pre-order via a Facebook Messenger chatbot. 


To honour the Japanese capital, Renault Italy is launching a limited-edition SUV and to promote the limited edition, one hundred available cars, users will have to pre-order it via Facebook Messenger chatbot. Project created by Publicis Italia, special edition cars have been made and interested buyers will have to interact with this mysterious character via the chatbot.

The brand also created anime-style Instagram Stories for Captur Tokyo’s release. The campaign was launched as a classic anime that tells the adventures of two men as they travel around fictional nocturnal Tokyo. Later on, they meet a mysterious, manga-style character who tells them about a car outside the box, who probably is the salesman in the story.

The Kumo pattern decked out Captur SUV has an embellished roof, mirror covers and interior—was presented at the headquarters of Garage Italia in Milan.

Elisabeth Leriche, Advertising and CRM manager at Renault Italy, told The Drum,

We wanted to concentrate discussion on social media in order to intercept new audiences that are less keen to come and visit a showroom. But of course, if selling through chatbot reveals itself effective, why not extend the operation and create a profile for all our dealers?

We’ve been accelerating our process to create real-time marketing to answer our consumer needs, so it’s definitely part of a more global digital strategy.


On the border between fiction and reality, ‘Tokyo Stories’ project was animated by Mattero De Longis and also orchestrated by Publicis Italy.