Oslo – A New Custom Typeface For Nike

To promote its new concept store in Oslo, Nike has revealed a bespoke typeface reflecting the Norwegian capital’s local identity.

In order to come up with a new design for its store in Oslo, Nike came together with local graphic designer Hans Christian Øren, the founder of Oh Yeah Studio.

Hans Christian Øren was asked to use objects or things that are iconic to Oslo. These things could be landmarks or locations where sporting activities take place as well. Keeping these ideas in mind, the creative designer created the new custom typeface, named Oslo.

Oslo is inspired by Oslo’s streets and the Bislett Stadium, known as an international venue for sports and public festivals in Oslo’s history.

Hans Christian Øren said:

Nike wanted to use a local artist to make a narrative thread through the store. The brief was to create a bespoke typeface for the word “Oslo” and the sentence “your only limit is you”.

Some of the guidelines were to use Futura Bold as a reference and the type needs to communicate Nike, sports, and Nordics in some subtle way that works with the boldness of the type.




“With abstract animation and kick-ass sound design we get to see a presentation of the «Oslo»-font, and also take a deep dive at the design elements that constructs it.” shared Babusjka, the motion agency behind the case study of Nike’s new typeface, OSLO.


Oslo, the new typeface, has now been applied to the entire store; used in posters, logos, and graphics, and in the decoration of the walls.

Going for a new typeface for a redesign of its concept store in Oslo would be a risky decision to take for Nike but the company has proved that it is possible to reflect an entire city in a font with partnering a local graphic designer.