Presenting Mimosa’s Logofolio – An Inspirational Collection Of Well Designed Logos And Branding Samples

Mimosa is a Berlin-based integrated digital creative agency specialised in branding.

Gathered their artwork as an inspirational collection named ‘Logofolio’, the logos are basically minimal designs and re-edits or re-launches of older brands so the agency can make their presences better in both mobile and web experiences.

In general the agency pays attention to minimalism and usability. The logos they design to are mainly their clients and some of them are works that are still in progress. UNIVSN is an Afro, Latin artistic music collective, Mimosa also handles the brand’s web design and implementation. Eightball Records is an American independent record label established 1990 in New York City. SGH and ICA Inversiones are sister c6ivil engineering companies.

Designed by Emilie Chabridon, a Berlin-based Graphic designer and Illustrator, Around The Block is a magazine about the Blockchain landscape in Europe. Fab Rap is a fabric gift wrap company for reusable sustainable goods and Mimosa have worked for the font of the logo also.

Democracy Lab is a new think -thank and research studio based in Washington DC, NYC, Costa Rica, Berlin, and a network of location where people are interested in change via direct democratic participation. They commissioned Mimosa a minimalist branding, so the agency made a new logo, color palette and an elegant, Squarespace based web design. AiRelo is an AI-based city registration assistant and Mimosa helped in the company’s branding. NOH8 is a charitable organization and their mission is to promote LGBT marriage, gender and human equality through education, advocacy, social media, and visual protest.










We can see the artworks from different disciplines and industries, but there’s one thing visible that minimalism and boldness is the common purpose. Pick your favoruite one from the agency’s logofolio!

Mimosa Agency

Mimosa is an integrated digital creative agency specialised in branding, inbound marketing, research and consulting.