Organicgirl – A Fresh Digital Strategy for Green Leader

The Opportunity

Organicgirl is a fast-growing company offering a diverse line of premium quality greens and salads packed with unmatched taste, super nutrition, and a whole lot of love. With a mission to create new, fresh ideas for great-tasting food, Organicgirl has successfully captured a market of health-conscious consumers through its engaging brand voice. To date, this success has garnered an unprecedented level of consumer loyalty and engagement.
Organicgirl turned to Flightpath to help them continue to acquire new customers and build stronger relationships with its current customer base via a range of digital channels.

The Solve

Over 4+ plus years, Flightpath has collaborated with the organicgirl team and their partner agencies on three primary sets of initiatives:


  • Targeted email campaigns
  • Ongoing website enhancements and optimization
  • Lifestyle-focused promotions, contests, and digital sweepstakes


How and Why

To grow the organicgirl customer base and inspire brand loyalty, it all starts with a clear understanding of who the buyer is – skewing female, avid exercisers, lifestyle transformers, with a higher household income.  We’ve used online surveys and polls to learn more their concerns and interests and leveraged that intel to generate content and digital experiences that genuinely move the needle.
A website redesign introduced streamlined navigation, a bold color palette and design sensibility, and a warm, friendly brand voice.  This work effort also improved site performance and search engine visibility, eased site administration and effectively integrated social channels and content.

An overhaul to the organicgirl email infrastructure has yielded a fast-growing list of engaged subscribers that respond positively to our content, recipes and offers.

An ongoing series of lifestyle-oriented contests and sweepstakes have created brand awareness, highlighted new products, and grown our database for remarketing purposes.

About Flightpath

Flightpath is a digital marketing agency based in NYC. They help organizations of all sizes navigate the complexity of today’s digital world to achieve results.